Friday, June 3, 2016

Thirty Days of Books: Favorite Author and Book

Well, with these two 30 Days of books prompts, Jenni has given me yet another opportunity to gush about my favorite author and his books. You can't be sick of it yet, can you? It has been awhile, right? A few months anyway...

The prompts:

Who's your favorite writer? 


What is your favorite book by your favorite writer?

I made this collage awhile back and so I'll share it again:

And that pretty much sums it up! Mr. Markus Zusak rules in the area of writing with a style that can not be matched. I love it so much and I'm feeling in so much withdrawal since it's now been so long since we've heard from him. I hope he's still alive! :)

As for a favorite book of his... I always say The Book Thief, though I truly love them all. The first three (top row above) are a series about Cameron Wolfe and his brother. You can tell when reading them they are his first books and have no where near the polish that The Book Thief or I Am the Messenger have, and yet... they are still so deep and strong and heartfelt, just as much or more so than the others. So... I love them all. They are all amazing and unique and powerful.

And I wish we could add to the list!

Who's your favorite author and book by that author? Join us over at Jenni's!


  1. I knew you'd pick Zusak for this one. :) I wasn't sure what book you'd pick, though. You surprised me by listing them all. :D

  2. I know, right?! He needs to write another book!

  3. No surprise that you picked Zusak! After all the gushing from you and Jenny, I really need to expand my Zusak horizons. I've only read THE BOOK THIEF although I AM THE MESSENGER has been sitting on my shelf for years. Maybe I'll get to it this summer?

  4. This is a hard question, I'm going to check out responses. I like your collage. I still need to read Book Thief. I loved the movie.

  5. I am really not surprised by your answer to this question. lol



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