Thursday, June 9, 2016

Introducing: The Kpop Konverters, A YouTube Channel

Time to reveal the super secret project! (Gah. Scary. Be nice!)

First, a timeline of events:

A year ago: My sister Megs and I discuss and ponder how fun it would be to do a vlog together. We
live in separate states, but love all the same things, which makes for some fun texts and hangout discussions and such. Wouldn't it be fun to take it to the next level and do a vlog (Hank and John Green style perhaps?) and do videos and let people be part of the craziness?

Would it be fun? Or stupid?

Would it be too scary? Or can we get over the fear?

What would we actually talk about? Books? Writing? Movies? Music? Mom life? Single life? Teaching life? Library life? A mix of it all?

We even practice it and then die laughing at how silly it is. And give up fast. It's just too dang too hard. .

Months pass.

Five months ago: Our lives change when we discover a new genre of TV to watch and a new genre of music to obsess over. A new culture to love and a new celebrities to add to our crush list. Our ongoing hangout chat intensifies. Then one day, the light bulb goes off. We should vlog about THIS! There's a huge community out there, a huge fandom, bigger than any fandom we've ever been part of before.

We should do it!

We should?

Yes! No? Why not? What's there to lose? (Oh so much, but nothing that matters!)

Let's just do it!

One and a half months ago: We brainstorm a name, come up with a mission statement and create a brand new YouTube channel, a Twitter account, an Instagram account and a Pinterest account. We film an intro vlog and bam... we are up and live!

But we are too scared to officially announce it to people we know in real life. We are closet YouTubers. Closet vloggers. Closet kpop crazies. (Wait, you knew about the kpop crazy bit, right? Maybe not so closet there then...)

We film and edit several other videos and upload them.

We wonder when we'll be brave enough to come out and actually share it with people other than the random weirdos on YouTube. (Sorry, but YouTube is weird.)

Two weeks ago: We upload a "non Kpopper reaction" video (making someone who is not a fan watch a kpop video and react to it.) We didn't explain to our guinea pig reactor all the expectations. He reacted in an unexpected way. We upload the video and instantly start getting hate comments and thumb downs.

We have arrived! We have ticked off the biggest and, as I said, most intense fandom I've ever known! We have no subscribers, but we are suddenly getting noticed!

The hate comments cross the line and a week later, we take down the video.

Welcome to the wonderful world of YouTubing!

And now, we really wonder when we'll be brave enough to come out!

Today: We've told a few key people. And we decide... why not tell everyone? What's the point of vlogging anyway, if you don't tell anyone? We need love from people we know!


And so I give to you:

The Kpop Konverters:
 Our mission:  To Konvert people everywhere to the world of Kpop!

Want to follow us (and especially subscribe to us)? Here are the links;

The list of videos so far:
How It All Started (Our Kpop Story)
Discoveries of the Week: May 2
Discovering Got7: Part 1
Discovering Got7: Part2
Meg's Fire Reaction
Ryn's Save Me Reaction
Suey's She Is Reaction
A Ryeowook Tribute
The Joker Meets G-Dragon
Suey and Toto's Monster Reaction
Suey and Toto's Lucky One Reaction

Coming soon:
The True Story of Megs...and How She's Always Wrong (this will be uploaded today... you don't want to miss it!)
Those English Phrases in Kpop Songs....
Discoveries of the Week: May 15
Ryn's Reaction to Ryeowook's Moves Like Jagger Performance
NonKoppers React to Fire and Dope

All we ask is that you have fun with us... laugh with us and not at us... enjoy the journey with us... perhaps give this music a chance and maybe you too will be Konverted!

(Want to see what Megs has to say about our coming out? Check out her post here! Happy SuJu Anniversary to us!)

(P.S. If anyone has any YouTube vlogging pointers... let us know. This is one hard gig to break into and completely different than the blogging community. Help. What have we done?)


  1. Congrats on your coming out party! :) I'm sad that you had to take down that video, but I get it after reading some of those comments. I'm curious what the "crossed the line" comments were, though.

    1. Jenni: They wrote a big long comment about how racist he is.

  2. Yay! I'm excited to check this out! Maybe you'll convert me!

    1. Jenny: Maybe but I'm not holding my breath. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Susan: Or stupid. Or crazy. Or something.

  4. Hahahaha ... LOVE IT! And ABOUT TIME ;)

    1. Aloi: LOL! You think? I don't know... we'll see how it goes I guess.

  5. Wow! Go you guys! I'll have to check it out. :)



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