Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Music Stuck in My Head: Mission Impossible

So, it's been a long time and I really feel the need to do a music post. The music I want to highlight today is the theme from Mission Impossible! (Yes, I finally saw the latest move... review to come soon!)

Is there a better movie theme EVER? I mean, there are a lot of awesome movie themes, but this one.. I don't know... it's just genius. You familiar with it, right?

Here's original simple version from the TV show:

Here's the theme as recently highlighted in the new movie during the opening airplane scene:

Here's a DJ'd up Tiesto version:

And here's my most favorite version of all.... crank the bass guitar at the 2:15    mark! I dare you! Man, I love this one so much!

Do you have strong feelings about this particular piece of music? Would you go see the movie just for the music? Do you have a favorite movie/TV show theme that trumps Mission Impossible in your mind? Share!


  1. I have always preferred the old original version and while I wouldn't go see a movie solely for its music I always love when the theme of this one comes on in the movie.

    1. Jenny: I think it's one of the best things about these movies, for sure.

  2. I did know Leonard Nimoy was in the original MI. That's cool. I like all version of this theme. I love how they've "rocked" with the movies. But, I love the classic too.

  3. MI2 definitely has the best soundtrack... And the MI theme song is the only thing I still remember how to play on the flute.

  4. It's definitely one of the most iconic themes - everyone knows it, no matter what your age.



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