Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Fool Me Twice by Mandy Hubbard

Book: Fool Me Twice by Mandy Hubbard
Genre: YA Romance
Rating:★ ★ ★ ☆☆
For: Fun
From: bought cheap on Kindle

Short Synopsis: Mac and her friend Bailey are back to work at a dude ranch for the summer. Unfortunately for Mac, so is Landon. He's the guy she had a summer romance with last summer. But then he dumped her. She is still mad, even after a year. So when Landon falls from his horse and bangs his head and thinks it's last year again, she decides it's time to get revenge.

My Response: Pretty much what I expected. Fun fun and fluffy! Lots of horses, and cowboy hats and boots. Just what I love. Predictable, but in a fun way.

Bottom Line: In the mood for fluffy romance? This will do the trick!

Let's Talk About: What's your opinion on fluffy books? We had a bit of this discussion at book club the other night. Some people feel that if it's fluff, you automatically down grade it's worth. Other people find fluff just as worthy of a book lover's love and admiration as any more literary work. I tend to go with the second. I don't care if book is fluffy. If you loved it and you escaped into a fun bookish world, it's worth just as much as the deep thought provoking stuff.

Other Reviews:

I really liked this book for what it was. I didn’t come in expecting a literary masterpiece, and thus I was overly satisfied. From Good Books and Good Wine

Their scenes together were fun and sweet and their relationship, while not perfect, was certainly very entertaining and touching. From Book Passion for Life

it was cute, fresh, and totally fluffy and cheesy. This story is good for your heart! From Paper Breathers

There were moments that made me smile and other moments that made me tear up. From Effortlessly Reading


  1. Mandy Hubbard and I do not get along. The one book I read of hers made me so mad. I'm ok with fluff but I do think it isn't memorable. I tend to remember books that touched me and made me think.

  2. I definitely have to be in the right mood for fluff or for not fluff, but I think they both have value if you enjoy them :)



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