Monday, May 11, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Not in the Script by Amy Finnegan

Book: Not in the Script by Amy Finnegan
Genre: YA Romance
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
For: Book club, supporting local authors
From: We won an entire book club set at the silent auction at Writing for Charity last month!

Short Synopsis: Emma is a very popular movie star. Like, very very popular. But really, she's just a normal teenager wanting normal things in her life. When she gets the starring role in a new TV show, she is surprised that one of her co-stars is a guy she's crushed on forever. And the other star is a guy who's modeling pictures are plastered all over her friend's wall. Well, she quickly finds out that the first guy, the one she's liked forever, is pretty shallow. But the second guy is fascinating. But how can she "steal" him from her friend. Yeah, she can't.

My Response: I loved these characters! And what a fun intesesting look into the world of TV and Hollywood. And sad. Truly, these kids, even with all their fame and fortune, must live a sort of sad and fake life. It seems to be their constant struggle to find a balance between that and their true selves. Which is the point of this story. On the surface a sweet and fun fluffy romance, but deep down dealing with this more troubling idea. And can I just say, I think Jake has the "real" thing down. He doesn't seem to be struggling what a fake life at all.

Bottom Line: Really fun and definitely swoony. All sorts of swoony!

Let's Talk About: Amy will be joining us for book club in August! (Part of the winning the silent auction deal!) And I can't wait to talk to her about: who inspired these characters, who would she cast if she were to cast her book, how she knows about the behind the scenes of a TV show (I think something to do with her brother?) and if there's more to their story. What other things do you think we should ask her? :)

Other Reviews:

The characters and the plot stay incredibly lighthearted, and it makes everything very fun. Jake and Emma are interesting characters on their own, but they're adorable together. The book is full of banter and flirty moments. From Read This Instead

If you like books about girls who fall for the nice guy even when they do their best not to, then screw it all up, then you’ll enjoy this one. From This Blonde Reads

One thing is guaranteed, you’ll be drawn to keep reading to see if Emma and Jake finally give into the feelings they both so strongly have for each other. From Rather Be Reading

Not in the Script is one of those books that just makes you feel good. It’s not an overly complicated book, but at the same time it’s not lacking in depth. From Tabitha's Book Blog


  1. It sounds like you enjoyed this as much as I did! (I may have already reread it...) :) I'm so curious about all the behind the scenes TV stuff. And, of course, what books she's working on now. I'd read anything else she wrote.

    1. Kathy: Yes I loved it. I'll probably re-read again in August. Can't wait to ask her all the questions!

  2. You read this already? What about book club month?!

    1. Jenni: I couldn't help it! And I'll probably re-read, or skim over or something! :)

  3. I thought about reading this sooner as well but decided to wait so it would be fresh in my mind. Glad you liked it. I hope I do too.

    1. Jenny: I think you'll enjoy it for sure. It's a fun one.

  4. You and Kathy read this too soon! I hope I love it as much as you two did!



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