Thursday, May 21, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Erasing Time by C.J. Hill

Book: Erasing Time by C.J. Hill
Genre: YA SciFi
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
For: Fun 
From: The library

Short Synopsis: Twins, Sheridan and Taylor, are sucked into a time vortex and are whisked hundreds of years into the future. There they meet science geek, and crazy word historian, Echo, who has his own issues. Basically, they ALL want to escape this wacked out city. Echo is the perfect person to help them because he can actually speak to them in their "old" English language and he's fascinated with their old fashioned "old 20s" traditions and culture. As they go about their adventure, the girls learn much about him and his sad story. There's also a secret they have that he ends up figuring out too.

My Response: Very fun look at what our future might be like. Also, really fun to imagine being that far into the future and looking back at the crazy weird stuff we do now. I totally enjoyed that aspect of this story. I feel like I could have connected to the characters a little more. But I truly can't put my finger on what little thing might have been missing. It was a pretty science-y science fiction, so if that's your thing, you'll probably really love this one.

Oh, P.S. I wanted to mention that C.J. Hill is actually Janette Rallison (who I spent time with last week). She is known for her fluffy fun high school drama YA contemporaries, so when she decided to write science fiction she wrote under this name C. J. Hill, which is actually her mom's nom de plume.

Bottom Line: Fun romp into the future with a look at a world that really isn't that great!

Let's Talk About: What things do you think we do now, that people from the future will look back on and think is totally bizarre? Any thoughts on that?

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  1. This looks like an interesting read! I particularly like what you said about looking back from the future at the bizarre things we do right now.

  2. Oooo! This one looks interesting. Seeing as how it's Rallison at least I know I'll like the writing if not the book as a whole. I wonder what things we do that won't make sense to future generations ask the time. I really hope it's not stuff like getting together and talking. I can see things getting so bad that something like that would be looked at as weird.



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