Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Places I Want to Visit

I've done this prompt a few times before, but maybe it won't come out exactly like those other ones. We'll go for it and see!

Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit

1. PEI (Prince Edward Island)! I say this one every time. Some day I WILL get there! (Anne of Green Gables)

2. The Island of Guernsey... I'd never heard of it before the book (you know the one with the really really long title about the potato peels and all) but now I think it would be cool to see.

3. Ireland... because of all those Maeve Binchy books I read back in the day! And other books I'm sure but I can't think of them now. 

4. Prague... all because of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I want to see that bridge!

5. I've been lucky enough to see Paris, the setting for so many books, but we didn't have time to go see the place made famous by The Count of Monte Cristo. . the Chateau d'If near Marseilles.  Next time!

6. Pompeii and it's nearby volcano. I read a book about that once. I think it was called Pompeii! :)

7. Another place I came close to seeing, but not quite is the ruins Tintagel Castle in Cornwall said to perhaps be Camelot! What do you think? And if THAT'S not the real Camelot, I'd like to see all the other places speculated to be. Just for fun.

8. Romania...I think. (Is it safe there these days?) And all the places talked about in The Historian. Transylvania maybe? Oh, my. That sounds kinda scary!

9. Australia... not because of a certain book, but because of a certain author. Just sayin'. 

10. The Highgate Cemetery in London. Old cemeteries are the coolest ever. The one in Paris (Pere Lachaise)blew me away and next time I go to Paris, I want to spend a whole day there, not just an hour! I'm guessing the one in London would be pretty much just as cool. And what book is it from? That one really weird book...about those girls... and I forgot the name. Oh!!! Her Fearful Symmetry. That's the one! 

Guys. I am going to go to all these places. Just watch. 

What places are you dying to seeing all because of books? Link up over at The Broke and the Bookish!


  1. Romania is amazing! I want to go back and do some sightseeing someday though! Great placesPEI was on my list too, and I'd love to visit the other places as well.

    1. Lakin: It's not been on the top of my list before, but it's slowly getting there, that Romania!

  2. Yes! Prince Edward Island!! I want to go so bad!! We should go together with all our book friends. It will be a book adventure vacation!

  3. Replies
    1. Raidergirl: Good to know! If it ever happens I will for sure let you know! :)

  4. You have several that are on my list! I'm glad to see someone else wants to go to Guernsey! The book makes it sound like a fantastic place. Romania--yes!! So much history there--I've been to Croatia but am looking forward to exploring more countries in that area. -Katie Here's my TTT: http://spiritofchildrensliterature.com/2014/10/14/top-ten-tuesday-ten-places-books-have-made-me-want-to-visit-whether-fictional-or-real/



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