Friday, October 3, 2014

A Writing Space!

When my oldest son got married in March, my middle son moved downstairs into his room. That left a room upstairs totally free to do with whatever I wanted! And I wanted to create a writing space. I wanted to call it my "morning" room like they do in the Regency books... you know the room where they go in the morning to do their correspondence?  Well, not sure I've settled on that name as I think I'll probably spend many evenings there too!

As I was dreaming about this room, my husband decided he wanted to partake in the excitement, so we began to envision ways to have a shared office. I told him he had to be creative if he was to use this room. So while he might not do writing, he maybe will do some computer programming. That's the idea anyway!

So I waited most of the summer to get moving on this room project. We had some furniture in there that we needed to move out, and we had to wait until my daughter, also recently married, moved to a spot where she could take some of this furniture. So at the end of August after all the moving and furniture shuffling happened, we started working on it.

Here's the bedroom after my son moved out,
and during the time we used it for our Japanese student for a week.

With the furniture gone, we could paint over the green stripes!
This is a nice subtle gray color.
Although this picture makes it look puke color.

Painting is done (and now you can see the gray I' talking about!)
and instead of replacing the carpet
we bought a cool looking area rug instead.
This is where we had a hold up for awhile. I'd seen the perfect desks at IKEA one day, but we weren't ready for them yet. We went back the next week and learned that they were discontinued and there were none in stock. But, they were planning to have a new brand replace the old. But they wouldn't be in for a month! GAH! I wanted my desks!

But we waited. For about two weeks. Then one day, my husband was passing IKEA and decided to drop in and check on the situation. The desks were in! So, we bought them, along with some book shelves, and that weekend, we assembled furniture! So exciting!

Here's what it looked like after assembling was over and I moved in my computer.

And here, with more stuff moved in, a curtain, a lamp and a new chair!
My husband has yet to personalize his half, so Toto is using it for
a homework station. 
So there you go. It's been a fun and exciting project and makes me so excited to sit at the computer and do all my computer stuff... writing, blogging, etc. It's so nice to have a spot to organize papers and writing books, and notebooks and file this that and the other. I love it!

And now that means, no more excuses for not writing!  I'm ready to go. Nano 2014 here I come!


  1. Love the gray color! I wish we had an office.

  2. I love it! I need to upgrade my workspace. It is currently a corner of my living room, but I know I can make it nicer than it is.

  3. So cool! And how awesome to have the space to turn into whatever you wanted! It looks fabulous!

  4. That looks fantastic! Enjoy having your (almost) own space!



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