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Book Review Discussion: Unbreakable by Kami Garcia

Book: Unbreakable by Kami Garcia
Genre: YA Paranormal
For: Review
From: Received for free from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

Short Synopsis: The book starts out with Kennedy's mom suddenly dying. Really strange and creep circumstances too. And suddenly there are these two really cute guys coming to her, Kennedy's, rescue. They tell her strange stuff like it was a "vengeance" spirt that killed her mom and that it is now after her. When this spirit up and destroys her house, the two boys whisk her away to be part of their "Legion" .  She is baffled and feels like she truly should have no part in this strangenes. But she does become a part of it and they are off to find the thing that will harness the bad spirit once and for all. Hopefully. Meanwhile, she is trying to figure out which one of the boys... who happen to be identical twins.... she likes the best. 

My Response: So much like Supernatural that I could not get that out of my head. Imagine if Dean and Sam were identical? BUT.... each with their currently personalities. Yeah, this book is THAT! And instead of fighting all sorts of supernatural stuff, they are mostly "just" fighting scary ghosts. The book has lots of creepy scenes that can have a person biting their fingernails should they be in the right frame of mind. Sometimes I was, sometimes I wasn't. I rolled my eyes a lot, and yet, I was pretty intrigued at the same time. Also, there's lots and lots of background-y stuff that while interesting, seemed a little long and too detail-y at times. 

I requested this book from NetGalley thinking it was a the current book that Kami Garcia was releasing last weekend. Well, no. I messed up! It was actually the first book that released LAST year! And the next book, Unmarked, came out last week. I don't know why they have such an old book on the list to request, but it sure mixed me up! However, I'm glad I wasn't accidentally reading the second book. I mean, that would have been a totally tragedy!

Bottom Line: Despite the occasionally eye rolling, I do feel interested enough to hopefully get my hands on this new next book and see what happens with Kennedy, Lucas and Jared next!

Let's Talk About: What are your feelings about a book that seems really quite tied to a TV show? I mean, I think it's good to use TV shows as inspiration, but to have them seem so similar? Does it bug you? Do you actually like it? (For instance.. The Selelction books are totally The Bachelor. And I think there are tons of other examples that I'm not going to be able to think of right now!) So.. what do you think?  Are those ideas are fair game?

Other Reviews:

Unbreakable is a worthwhile read for people who love demon hunters and want an action-packed plot. Readers who want deeper characterization and angst, however, should probably look elsewhere. From Dear Author

I will admit, the whole demon fighting, exorcism ghost thing is kind of cool. BUT, there’s never a moment where everything clicks in my head and I am like oh yeah fist pumps of excellence. From Good Books and Good Wine

I feel like this series has some serious potential and I am really keen to see where the next book takes us. If you love shows like Supernatural, you’ll probably really enjoy Unbreakable. From Book Nerd Reviews


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