Saturday, October 11, 2014

Two Things!

A couple of things you need to know about:

The big wonderful long running Dewey's Readathon is happening in a week! I plan to participate. Maybe even with a bunch of teenagers hanging out reading with me! Should be interesting. I plan to read some graphic novels and The Infinite Sea which just got dropped off on my porch last night! :) Head on over, sign up and join the fun!

If you are in the area here, you should join us for our traditional Hunger Games party! We go to dinner first, and then the "midnight" showing of the movie.This will be on November 20.  Check out all the details here on Penelope's blog. I promise, it'll be a blast!


  1. I want to do the midnight showing and the read a thon!!!! But the midnight showing more! UGH!

  2. I used to do the midnight showing of all the new book based movies, but not so much anymore, heck I am in bed asleep by 11 now LOL! Have fun and see you online on Saturday ;)



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