Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E3 Four Walls and a Roof (Spoilers!)

And this week's episode... MASSACRE!

Oh my word, but people are getting ruthless! But wasn't it deserved? Yes? Or should he have let him go?

And by he I mean Rick and by him I mean Gareth. "I have a promise to keep." So sinister! And by the way, I say to the above question.

Yes, in this episode, Bob comes back with his leg missing and also admitting to a walker bite. I knew it! And he is a goner but before that happens, the gang is off to find the Termites. As they go around one corner, the bad guys come around the other to find and get (ie. eat) our heroes. However, Rick has thought it out and BAM, he's there to the rescue! Let the slaughter begin! And close your eyes!

Then we watch Bob die, which was sad sad sad. We also learn about the priest and how he kept the doors locked while all his congregation was zombie-fied. Which makes him not so likable.

Bye bye Bob.

And then suddenly, our group is breaking up again as a few of them head off without the others because a certain couple have disappeared.

And then... suddenly, there's a noise in the trees. Michonne goes to investigate. We are all scared! But... sigh... it's Daryl. Michonne says... "Where's Carol?" and he says... gesturing to the trees..."Come on out."

Sheesh! WHO IS IT!???

Stay tuned for next week. Finally, we'll get a Beth episode and find out what's going on with her.

And did you watch Talking Dead after the episode? What did you think of the real life Gareth? Hmmm??? Oh my word.

The real life Gareth....
Okay.. discuss in comments....


  1. I wished I had recorded Talking Dead so I could watch it. I usually watch it if I watch Walking Dead live, but oh well. The ending killed me! I want to know if it's Carol deformed/injured/something or if they got Beth back or what?! I probably have to wait several episodes too! Evil!!!

    1. Jenni: We wondered if it was neither Carol nor Beth, but whoever they tracked down in the car... someone who knows what's happened to Beth. But then, where's Carol still?

    2. P.S. We are really enjoying Talking Dead, but dang it's so late! We only last about half of it before we force ourselves to go to bed.

  2. First of all...hellooo Gareth. Because...well come on.

    I yelled/swore at the tv when Michonne got her sword back because it is just meant to be that way. I was actually pleased with the massacre because it meant Gareth wouldn't be drawn out.
    I'm totally bummed that Maggie left because I think Beth is back but seriously why was she so concerned about Glenn and finding her SISTER never was an issue for her!

    1. Jess: Yeah, I can't seem to get enough of that picture. Wow wow wow. And yes! I meant to mention the sword too! All is right with the world now! And you're right... why isn't Maggie thinking about Beth. Very strange. She is blinded by LOVE!

  3. I don't watch The Talking Dead, but now you've got me wondering if I should! What was he like?!?

    I really don't like that the group is splitting up again. I just don't. It is just more trouble!

    1. Tif: He was awesome and nice and extremely handsome.



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