Sunday, September 23, 2012

Currently: Muse, Michael and Me

(as written on Saturday night)

Listening:  to Madness by Muse.... soon... very soon, the album comes out:

Eating: OUT! With Jessica and Jenny! After we visited with a bunch of authors at Barnes and Noble and talked with a couple of bloggers, we went to Chilis. Yeah, that was fun! :)

It's me, Jenny, Shanda (who's picture this is, though my daughter DID take it!) and Jessica!
Mette Ivie Harrison in the middle, Jessica Day George and then Kristen Chandler.
I didn't catch the name of the author on the left, and who's that in the back? 

Loving: that there's so many bookish events coming up. TONS I tell you. I'm going to have to skip some because there's no way I can go to all. 

Reading: Ah, The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater... yes, it showed up for me on my Kindle from NetGalley the day after the book itself was released. That was weird, but then again, I know nothing about how it all works. So, I'm reading it and really liking it a lot. Wonderful characters! I also read A Monster Calls this past week, and re-read The Handmaid's Tale for book club. Need to review them for you!

Feeling: Really quite well, especially compared to last night when I felt like crap! It was a headachy week, but I think we've pushed through it yet again!

Watching: Merlin clips on YouTube. Yep. And earlier today I watched the first half of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Yes sir. And then earlier this week, I watched the season premier of Survivor, though it was the next day because we actually FORGOT to watch it on opening night! Yep! (And that show made me want to watch The Facts of Life and have memories.) And... I watched some Prison Break episodes, just because... I missed Michael. :)

Wanting: to finish the bedroom "remodel" and get new furniture. Maybe Christmas?

Needing: the smoky skies to go away once and for all. Just opened my window to get the evening breeze and now the whole room smells like a bonfire. Enough already!

Thinking: about Bloggiesta coming up this week and what I need to do to be ready. 

Enjoying: having too many books to read. It's fun, right?

What's up with you this week?


  1. OMG!!! Did I miss Authorpalooza at B&N?!?!?!? I go every year, and I can't believe I missed it this year!!! GAH!!!

  2. I've been fighting off headaches all week, too. It sucks,doesn't it? It's really made it difficult for me to accomplish anything; I never can quite muster up the energy to fight off the headache AND clean the house...or even to read.

    Looking forward to Bloggiesta! Thanks for cohosting it again!

  3. October 2nd baby!! I can not wait. I have it preordered and won't be listening to anything else that day. Now, they need to release their US tour dates and I'll be a happy woman.

    1. Michelle:OH!!! I just remembered it's streaming somewhere... I haven't had time to go listen!

  4. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the stories :)

  5. I'm so sick of all this smoke. My allergies are going nuts and that smell...I think it'll be years before I stop smelling it.

    Oh, that picture. I thought I just FELT tired. I look it too. Sheesh!

    1. Jenny: Let's hope the rain today helps! You look fine in the picture. I look... hmmm... much too smiley. What's up with that?

  6. I cannot wait for Muse 's new album to be week, I do believe! Oct 2nd.

    Always, so much author fun for you - I envy, as usual. ;)
    Can you believe this though....Rachel Hartman(SERPAHINA) was at my local library and I did not know!!! And then I knew she was going to be at B&N last Friday...fairly close to me..BUT I was sick as a dog! What luck!!! I am Sooo bummed.

    1. Ibeeeg: Oh man, that IS a bummer. Dang. Maybe she'll come again?



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