Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Review: The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

Book: The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
For: RIP Challenge Read Along
From: the library

It seems like I'd heard of this book a few years ago, remembering vaguely a bunch of bloggers enjoying it way back then. So I thought "why not" when The Estella Society decided to do it for a read along to kick off RIP this year.

It takes place in England just after WWII. There's this old house, and this sort of run down family living there. They used to be rich and famous, but now, things are falling apart.

There's also this doctor who remembers the house and family back in the good old days and has always been fascinated with them. So it's with great surprise and pleasure that he suddenly finds himself a frequent visitor to the family and in fact, becomes a pretty intimate friend.

But things aren't all good there. There's something sinister going on, and one by one, little by little, everything spirals out of control and the doctor finds himself right in middle of it all.

So, I pretty much loved this one. For me, it's like those movies where, you know... nothing really happens, but you THINK it's going to around every corner! There's the virtual sinister music and the idea in your head that something is there which is all you really need to have in order to get good and creeped out!

Actually, this book wasn't really THAT creepy for me, but just nice and building at a slow and steady pace to the final weird thing that made me go, what? I loved the writing and the crazy characters. And of course, the creepy old house is for sure included  in that character list.

Thanks for getting me to read this one guys!

Bottom line: I really enjoyed it! I may have to try another of her books soon.

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  1. I am so happy to see a positive review for this one, because I recently discovered it on a random Goodreads browse and was immediately intrigued - then saw one negative review after another from the friends I trust in this genre. I was so bummed! But I'm thinking now I need to make time for it on my list of atmospheric Halloween reads :)

    1. Allison: Some find it very slow... so if that sort of thing bothers you... then be warned. I learning that a certain kind of slow (a certain kind!) is exactly what I love!

  2. I keep hearing such good things about this book. I guess I'll put it on the list!

  3. This was also my first Sarah Waters books and I will definitely be looking to try another of hers. I really enjoyed how the creepiness and the ending weren't spelled out and I, as the reader, have to do some thinking and deductions on my own.

  4. This was my first Sarah Waters book too. I had never heard of it until the group read. Definitely a slow build to this one but the last quarter of the book is rather creepy.

  5. I really want to read this. I keep starting it and that is about it...

  6. I loved this book! It was my first Sarah Waters, but then went back and read Tipping the Velvet, which was also fantastic. She's an incredibly talented writer and I'll definitely be reading more of her books.



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