Saturday, September 15, 2012

In Which I Watch Teen Wolf!

The other day Jenny commented somewhere in regards to Teen Wolf... "what are you waiting for?" For some reason, that prompted me to actually push the button and watch this show... the whole first season actually! (There's only one season currently on Netflix, and it's only 12 or something episodes long, so it was easy. )

And of course, just like she knew, I enjoyed it.

Though I feel a bit weird admitting that. I think a lot of fans of this show feel the same, and I've decided it's because of the title. Couldn't they have come up with something else? I don't know... you'd think....

Anyway, so of course you'll guess that it's a werewolf show. This geeky kid (Scott) gets bit by one and he suddenly has powers that make him a bit more popular, which is a coincidence because just that very day the new girl moves in! Lucky him!

Scott, when he's not a wolf.

So, he has this romantic life just getting started, his first experience at such a thing, at the same time he is dealing with full moons and the urge to kill people. His best friend and sidekick, Stiles, helps him along the way and they discover all sorts of interesting things about werewolves, betas and alphas and those that hunt them.... and past histories and strange things that have occurred in the neighborhood.

Scott... when he's turning.
Anyway, the show is done really well and not near as hokey as its name makes it seem, very suspenseful in parts, cool music, and a laugh a minute from Stiles who completely steals the spotlight. What a dude! He is awesome!

Stiles, being sort of normal here....
...and a little more silly here.

And now, things have become really REALLY complicated and the season ends. What's next? Is there a season two. Why, yes, I just looked it up and there is! Full episodes online and everything! Well, so, I guess I'm not done yet, hmmmm?

So yeah, a new-ish show that fans of Supernatural, Buffy and Vampire Diaries will also love.

Have you watched it? What do you think? Do you think I'm crazy for watching it? :)

Meanwhile, I've got a good start on season three of Buffy. Wow, the emotional level HAS risen a bit, yes?


  1. I'm still so happy you finally gave this one a go! I knew you'd like it. Stiles is great and, yes, totally steals the show. I think the embarrassment comes from MTV to be honest. I think people think a music channel couldn't possibly come up with a good TV show.

    1. Jenny: I agree... I just realized the other day, though, that it was MTV, and I thought. Oh, wow, really? :)

  2. Yes! My husband and I just started watching this this year! I love it! It does get a little cheesy in the second season, but it's still a fun show. Nice to see a show about werewolves that don't come into play because of vampires.



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