Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photoaday August Pictures!

Here's all the rest of the pictures from Photoaday August. And in so sharing, you can get a quite a glimpse into my life of late:
Day 19: Hole
(Can't believe I did this one!)
Day 20: Today
(This was the night we saw some people sing Carpenters songs.
They weren't that good. )

Day 21: Cool
(It's a cool cake, right? Crappy picture though.)

Day 22: Home
(Bushes need cutting down so bad!
But what a nice new snazzy roof!)
And this is where I got behind and did a whole bunch of pictures sitting in one spot to catch up with all the days: (I actually thought this was quite the fun little exercise... to figure out a picture for the theme of several days while sitting in one spot. You should try it sometime!)

Day 23: Pair
(or several pairs of chairs!)

Day 24: Path
(Down the hill at our outdoor concert!
This time... Diamond Rio.)
Day 25: Fresh
(Beautiful grass on the hill there!)
Day 26: Dream
(always wanted to learn the drums
and my son could actually teach, but
I'm too scared I won't be able to do it even
a little bit)

Day 27: Tap
(Playing with phones while waiting for the concert)

And now... end the catch up moment!
Day 28: Clock
(while shopping for a baby present for my sister who had a baby on this very day!)

Day 29: Down
(this looks like it could be up or down,
but it really is down.)

Day 30: Card
(playing cards from our last trip)

Day 31: Hidden
(Oh my... I bet that is so well hidden .... you can't EVEN see it!!)
Whew, now.. on to September! I think I'll keep doing it, but just stick them on Instagram for now. Maybe I'll share the "really awesome ones" here, if they happen. Anyway, follow me there if you want to see them all! And any other random pictures I might take from my life.  I'm SueySays there, same as Twitter.

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