Friday, December 23, 2011

In Which I Air Grievances

Last year it was brought to my attention that there's a certain day set aside for grievances, something started on Seinfeld or something? (The whole explanation is here if you are interested. It's a bit of an anti-Christmas thing, but whatever.) Anyway, I thought it was a fabulous idea and I had a blast posting my grievances last year and wanted to make sure I didn't let the week go by without another cleansing complaining session.

The idea here is, of course, that everyone is too busy to read blogs this week anyway, so it's a perfect time to let it all out! Now, I may start out with bookish/bloggish complaints, but I can't guarantee that it won't morph into general all round life rants!

So here goes!

I hate it when....

.... I'm in the mood to talk on Twitter and no one will talk back. Twitter crickets... a lonely sound!

....someone tells me to take down all my Markus Zusak videos on YouTube, but other people still have their MZ videos up. (By the way, I can still give you links to mine, they just aren't public!)

....I see a blog post similar to mine, and it has a gazillion comments and but mine has only three.

..... I can't keep up with reading other blog posts. And I hate marking all as read, but I think it's going to have to happen so I can have a fresh start.

.... I am reading along in a book, totally happy, and suddenly I realize that there are 30 pages missing! And I really hate it when I go back to the store where I bought the book and they have no more of that particular one!

.... B and N messes up and releases John Green's book early to many many people!

... I get in a reading slump.

... my kids are in a reading slump too.

... I send a tweet or message or comment and see my typo after the fact.

... my kids stay up until 2, 3, 4, sometimes even 5 in the morning.

... things break.

... people fight.

... kids are in pain.

... I can't sleep.

... anxiety rules the day.

Whew! I think I'll be done now! That's enough airing for one post! How are your grievances doing?


  1. I was just actually thinking last night that I seem to spend more time reading other blog posts than books :/

  2. I must get out the Festivus pole. ;) I think I aired enough grievances this week. Now that you've cleared the air you can get onto celebrating!

  3. That twitter-crickets thing CAN be annoying. I always take it as a sign that I should try again later. :)

    May you have a reading-full anxiety-less rest of the year! Be merry.

  4. I hear about most of your things, especially Twitter silence, little or no comments, keeping up with umpteen million blog posts.

    Here are my grievances. I hate it when:

    1. People wear skinny jeans. They only look good on a select few people and it's usually not the people who wear them.

    2. Parents bring their babies to movies and let them cry. I paid to see that movie and I don't want it disturbed by someone who's too irresponsible to get a babysitter!

    3. I have to get up early after a fun filled night of partying. (I was up until 2:00 last night for my family Christmas party and I still had to get up to go to work today.)

    4. I have an awesome review written on my blog and just before I click Publish half of it disappears! That happened to me yesterday with my Clockwork Prince review. The original was so much better. *sigh*

    5. My co-worker eats at his desk because he doesn't chew with his mouth closed and I can hear him chomping, crunching, slurping, and all other kinds of things with his mouth and his food.

  5. I'm totally with you on the twitter crickets - and the lack of comments. Fun stuff airing grievances!

  6. Hope that helped - have a good Christmas now! :-)

  7. Lol, I love reading about peoples grievances. I could go on and on and on about things that tick me off.

  8. This is the second airing of grievances that I've seen today. I love it and they are so true. I often throw things out on twitter and get nothing in response. Very frustrating. I suppose that's part of the reason I haven't been on it as much lately.

    I also agree about comments. I've wondered what I'm doing wrong...

    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  9. blowing off steam, I can get behind that!

    I hear you on the twitter crickets thing. also, how much later can you reply and it feel relevant. depends, I suppose. I need to organize my tweetdeck.

    ..keeping up on the blog list is tricky. I hate to leave "stock" sounding comments, but I also hate not chiming in...

    yes, reading slumps...and when I want to finish these books before the end of the year.

    my attention span has been so short lately. and I'm in a cooking slump. and when I read or watch something, I am adrift when I think about writing about them. I hate writing slumps when they pair with the reading and screen slumps. really, i think i was intended to hibernate through winter...

    hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  10. I'm with you on many of these. Especially the missing pages, that really annoys me. Luckily it's only occurred twice to me twice. Thirty pages is an awful lot- was it a printing error, or someone being destructive?

  11. Peppermint: Sometimes that's what if feels like, I know.

    Chris: Right! Let's celebrate!

    Care: A reading-full anxiety-less year... sounds perfect!

    Jenni: YES, I hate all those things too! :)

    Melissa: Yes, it's very fun. Will you be airing any?

    Joanna: It helped a ton! Thanks!

    Jenny: I could have gone on longer but it would have gotten really old... and plus my mind went blank too...

    Teresa: Yes, Twitter is a strange thing.. either very fun... or sort of depressing.

    L: I agree with the attention span thing... what's up with that lately?

    Jeane: It was definitely a printing error... 30 missing pages, then a set of duplicate pages after that.

  12. Happy Festivus! Love this post! I tend to get crickets when I go on Twitter, so don't go on very much any more. And totally agree with you about the comments! Like Teresa, it makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong...



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