Sunday, December 18, 2011

Virtual Advent Tour: I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas!

One of my favorite blogging events that we do this time of year is the Virtual Advent Tour. This is where bloggers take turns sharing different Christmas traditions and post them on their blog. This year is my fifth year participating! Which means, I'm having a hard time thinking of something new and interesting to post about!

Here are links to my past years' posts in case you are interested:

2007: Christmas Eve Traditions (including a movie the year the nativity reenactment went to pieces!)
2008: Decorating the Tree (including a yummy cinnamon roll recipe)
2009: The Advent Box: (with a time elapsed video that was a blast to make)
2010: My Love for the Grinch

So this year, after much pondering, I've decided to keep it really simple, especially since I've found it's hard to spend a lot of time reading blogs and hopping back and forth to see what everyone's been posting (in fact, I've been really lousy at this!)

I don't really know how this tradition got started. It must have just been that my dad's family had this song on an old 78 record (I hope someone out there knows what that is!) and played it all the time during the holidays... played it enough that my dad memorized the thing... accent and all! Every year as we were growing up, he would recite/sing this silly song for us kids and we thought it was so so funny! Now that we are all grown and gone, when we do get together for our party, we make our dad do this song, just like he has every year.

Now, I really wish I had a video of him doing it, and I probably do somewhere, but I'm feeling so lazy these days that I'm not going to search for it and spend the time editing. (Besides, he'd probably rather not be featured on my blog I'm guessing) so instead, I give you this original version that my brother found on YouTube for us last year, which we all thought was pretty cool.

So.... anyone heard this song before? Does it feature in your holiday traditions at all? Doesn't the idea of my straight laced conservative dad singing this crack you up? It does me!

Be sure to check out the posts of the other participants! (All listed at the main blog here.) Thanks for dropping by!


  1. what a fun song--and a video of your dad would be priceless. I enjoy the Virtual Advent tour too. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  2. I hope you do videotape your Dad doing the song - what a memory! I had never heard the song before - thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE songs like that. It reminds me of my dad. He loved stuff like that and was always making wacky tape recordings of him talking to music. Thanks for sharing!

  4. fun! and picturing a conservative man singing this makes me smile.


  5. What a fun post! I am so glad you joined in again this year. :)

  6. Oh, you should ask for your dad's permission to post a video of him singing the song! That would be so much fun.

  7. Too funny! I haven't heard this song and what a crack up to have your dad sing it. If you don't have it videoed, you must capture it.

    Hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas!

  8. Kaye: Yes, I think that video is somewhere!

    Booksnyc: Pretty crazy song, huh? I think the tape is somewhere, I just don't know where!

    Jenny: I need to get my dad's futher story on this one, like how old he was when he memorized it or something.

    L: Yes, when I finally got old enough to even understand the lyrics in this song, the whole thing was much funnier.

    Kailana: YAY! Awesome job to you for keeping this event going!

    Memory: I may just have to ask him... see what his reaction is!

    Trish: I'm pretty sure we've taped it, but I have no idea what year and where that footage is now! Ugh. Stuff like that makes me crazy. Merry Christmas to you too!



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