Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Two Weeks to Go!

Happy Sunday morning to you all!

Outside my window: Sunny and cold with a very blue sky. I'm kind of wanting snow about now though. It's so weird we haven't had any at all yet. Very weird. Global warming?

I am listening to: I just listened to the song Jenny highlighted on her blog today. I loved it!

Song of the week: I should be talking about Christmas music this month, but I've been obsessed with another Silversun Pickups song this week instead. It's called Sort Of. (And, according to YouTube, it's on Vampire Diaries!)

But if you want some Christmas music... here's one of my favorite Mannheim Steamroller ones, Fum Fum Fum:

TV Talk: We've started a buddy watch! You know like a buddy read, only a buddy watch? Kailana mentioned yesterday she had just started the BBC's Sherlock, something I've been wanting to do for a long time, so I said, hey, I'll watch with you! So last night, I watched most of the first episode. I had 8 minutes left when my husband turned the WiFi off. I was so sleepy that I couldn't keep my eyes open anyway, so I now I will finish those last few minutes today sometime.

But I loved it! What an awesome guy they have for Sherlock! I love his voice! Which is a good thing because he talks a lot! Anyway, very fun so far, but according to Netflix, there are only three episodes? Is that right?

Reading Report
Currently reading: Same as last week!!!
Books I've finished: Um... NOTHING! Stop asking me!!!
Books I've started: Um... NOTHING!
Books I want to start: Um... EVERYTHING!!
So yeah, as I said last blog post, I've not been reading much of anything. I have to try and finish The Bronze Bow today though, so I can help Toto with her questions/report or whatever she has to do for school. It's a good book, and short, so maybe I can actually do it.

I am thinking: that Christmas is in two weeks from today! And that feels like no time at all when I think of all that needs doing still.

I am grateful for: the Christmas season even if it is quite stressful. I look forward to the week between Christmas and New Years when suddenly life stops (usually anyway) and everything is totally stress free!

What I learned this week: that it's okay to not read if you don't feel like it. Really. It's okay!!

Around the house: We bought a mattress! Call the press! It happened quite suddenly and unexpectedly, but it's done and I'm so excited to have it arrive on Tuesday. Ah, it's going to be heaven sleeping on that thing, and I'm actually quite worried about getting up every morning.

Recipe of the Week: Toto did a science experiment this week and had four bowls of yeast growing, so after we determined which yeast was the "best" we had to do something with them! I made rolls for dinner and cinamon rolls for fun. The rolls I made for dinner are really yummy, and very very easy. (And a little more healthy because it's not full of butter... well, until you put it on yourself after baking!) We make them all the time. Here's the recipe:

2 cups hot water
1 Tb. yeast
2 Tb. sugar
Let that proof and bubble. Then add:
2 tsp. salt
5 to 6 cups flour

Knead that all up really good, roll into balls, place in pan or muffin tins, or however you like to make rolls. Let rise. Bake at 400 or so for 15 min. or so. (Now I'm thinking I may have shared this recipe already... if so... oops. Here it is again!)

Favorite things of the week: Blue Man Group! That was so very fun! Also, taking the girls in our neighborhood church group to see Toto dance at a performance at the library. Then, there was the day that they guy at the library in charge of programs came up and told me that he is getting an author crowd together to come sign this coming Saturday! More on that later. But that was fun news. Oh, and then we saw Santa at the family Christmas party last night. He brought us presents! Guess what I got? BOOKS of course! (The Iron Daughter and The Iron Prince)

Family Matters: Oh the homework homework homework! A Scarlet Letter essay (which needs fixing now,) a song recorded and put to slides and lyrics, then burned and copied and uploaded, a speech written and helped to memorize and then coaching through the ensuing "fear of speaking" panic attacks, an ACT test taken, a writing portfolio to help organize, English worksheets, a math test... and... I can't remember what else. This week will be more of the same. Most tests. TONS of tests. This prep school has finals (like REAL finals) just like college, so all four kids will be taking tests galore.

Things we discussed at home this week: traffic school and is it necessary?

Things I hope to accomplish this week: Yeah, well, where to begin. Send out Christmas cards, finish shopping, wrap, help with Christmas party at work, get birthday ready for Kid #2, survive the above mentioned finals week, book club, two violin concerts for kid#4... and I've got to clean under my bed before the new mattress comes!!

Well, I hope all is going well for everyone! I hope you are still reading through all the busyness and craziness!


  1. I can't believe it's only two weeks until Christmas! How am I supposed to get everything done before then? I miss when life stopped in between Christmas and New it's just another work week for me (even though it *is* a short one).

    My parents finally bought a decent mattress for themselves this past summer, and it definitely felt like the media needed to be alerted. Some things are just major like that! ;-)

    Good luck with your busy week!

  2. Cleaning under the bed can be scary, good luck!

  3. I have definitely had my share of reading slumps - I think it comes with the territory of being crazy readers!

    Blue Man Group is great! It sounds like you had a fun and busy week!

    Netflix has 3 or 4 series of Sherlock Holmes stories with the actor Jeremy Brett playing Sherlock. My husband and I think he's the best Sherlock yet and we loved all of the series - I'm not sure if it's a BBC prodection but Jeremy Brett is English. And there's more than 50 episodes

    I love the Christmas season and try to avoid's never entirly possible though!

    Enjoy your new mattress!

  4. I'm kinda wanting it to snow too. I HATE snow so I don't know why. I guess it just doesn't feel like Christmas till it snows.

    I'm glad you liked the song I highlighted. Finally! ;)

    I wish I could stop feeling guilty about not reading.

    What kind of mattress did you get? How exciting!

    That roll recipe is sooo easy! I'm going to have to try it.

  5. Megan: Yeah, it's a bummer if you still have to work that week. :(

    Elizabeth: Seriously, I'm terrified! I have no idea what we'll find!

    Amy: I think that's an older Sherlock you are talking about. We are doing the very brand new one... I think. Now you have me second guessing myself!

    Jenny: We got a big one! (king) A big soft one! With lots of back support going on. I have no idea what brand it was.

  6. what I like about Sherlock is how fantastic Martin Freeman is as Watson. Seeing the series really has me excited to see him in The Hobbit. I really hope they will pick this one back up after Freeman is available.

    two weeks! I'll be ready after this week, with the daughter having 2 performances and some papers due.

    sounds like some great things happened this week! Hope this week will have some fabulous favorites as well!


  7. Well, Suey, I must admit.... I do not like Silversun Pickups much. I saw them live when I saw MUSE in March 2010 and they were not very good live. I am sort of soured on them. Although, my son and his girlfriend think they are pretty goods.
    Now the Christmas song you posted - I love.

    I am glad, in my selfish way, that you are not reading much. This means my lack of keeping up with Path of Daggers is not stressful to me. Unless, of course, you have finished it for some reason.

    I am no longer stressed by Christmas because almost all my shopping is complete save for a few items easily obtained.

    A new matress is a big deal. It is not an item that I rush out to buy even when needed. Wish they were not so expensive.
    Enjoy it.

    Your week sounds packed! Your list alone would have me stressing. I am not one who likes to have many things planned and committed to doing over the the course of one week. sigh...a negative character trait of mine.

    I do hope you have fun during your busy and crazy week.

  8. L: Ok, so what is Martin Freeman going to be in the Hobbit? I probably heard once, but I've forgotten.

    Ibeeeg: Yes, we saw (heard is more like since while they were on stage is when we were having our major seat issue at the Muse concert) Silversun Pickups too, and at the time I thought they were TERRIBLE! I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that what I'm hearing on the CD is the same band as what was at that concert. I don't know when this CD was made, but maybe it was after that concert and that stuff they played then wasn't as good. I don't know... anyway, I am enjoying them now!

    Path of Daggers... page 333 chapter 14... so I think you are still quite a bit ahead of me.

    We'll get through the week just fine, but I really will be glad to say that the shopping is all done. This is the point where I think I'm done.. almost.. then I just keep adding stuff. It's crazy. And I leave all the hard people (parents and inlaws) for last so that's no fun either. And usually I have the birthday figured out by now, but not this year. :( But everything will turn out just fine! YES!

  9. So, should I watch the second episode of Sherlock?



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