Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Saturday Salon: Merry Christmas!

I decided to do my salon journal post a day early and share my random thoughts this Christmas weekend. I'm writing on Christmas Eve Eve. We've had a bunch of college boys over eating pizza and playing cards and it's been fun. Tomorrow on Christmas Eve we'll be off in the evening for a family gathering. Party on!

Outside my window: It was a beautiful day today. Clear and blue and very very cold! Still no snow though, but we got enough of some wetness the other day to clear the air, which is very nice indeed.

I am listening to: A random Christmas music mix that has been going all day long, and also someone just turned Ghost Hunters on the TV. They are having a marathon! Who knew!??

Song of the week: Love this version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:

TV Talk: I watched the finale of Terra Nova. Pretty intense, but that whole show is pretty just ho hum for me. Oh, well. Haven't watched much else this week, but we did go see Sherlock Holms and that was fun. Robert Downey Jr. was awesome as always, and the special effects were wow. But the coolest thing about that move was seeign The Hobbit trailer... have you seen it yet? Here it is in case not:

Richard Armitage singing? YES!

Reading Report: HA!
Books I've finished: Wait, I finished a book! Blood Red Road by Moira Young. It was really quite good! I should probably review it.
Books I've started: Well, I started The Iron Daughter... again (first time had to take it back to the library), but when I got to page 67, it jumped to page 90something. And when I went to get another copy they (Walmart) were out. Dang. And I was really quite getting into it!
Books I want to start: I can't decide what to start. I read a few chapters in A Path of Daggers today. Are you impressed!?

I am thinking: that it has been a long week and I'm anxious for the weekend to come... and go even.

I am grateful for: all the abundance surrounding me this crazy season. We are so very lucky and spoiled and blessed.

What I learned this week: family time at the holidays, for the kids actually means FRIEND time. But I'm getting more used to the idea. Tonight we combined the two and it even worked for the most part. Family and friends of kids CAN play together if all parties are welcome to the idea.

Around the house: Not bad, quite festive looking actually. Not dirty, not spotless, just about right. Oh and did I tell you about the new mattress? I can't remember, but yes, we have one! It's awesome. It's heaven. I love it. I think that's pretty much my Christmas. :)

Recipe of the Week: I have made these Andes mint cookies that I found on Pinterest so many times! Wow. But the hard thing is... finding the Andes mints.

Favorite things of the week: Kid #2 turned 20 and we all as a family went out to dinner, and then ice skating. That was a very nice evening.

Family Matters: Lots of bored kids around here. We have had a week off already and people have been going to bed at 2:00 am or after and sleeping in until noon. Seriously. Every day. It's pathetic.

Things we discussed at home this week: relationships. Sort of an ongoing topic around here.

Things I hope to accomplish: This next week? I hope to accomplish pretty much nothin'. Have no family drama at all the parties. Read a lot. And sleep and not worry about nothin'. :)

The Blog Report: This past week I aired grievances, pondered a quote seen on Twitter, reported on book club and listed my books wish list.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. I love your plans for the upcoming week!! :) Sounds perfect!!

  2. Ooo! I hadn't seen the preview for The Hobbit and I didn't even know Richard Armitage was in it! How embarrassing. It looks really good, though.

    I'm kinda hoping Christmas was over too, pretty sad but it can be majorly stressful!

    Have a Merry Christmas and I say, sleep in as late as your kids. ;)

  3. Merry Christmas Suey! I hope you get as much reading time as you want, plus some new books to take you away :-)

  4. Peppermint: I just hope the plans come to be.

    Jenny: I remember hearing something about him being in it, but I had forgotten until I saw this. Looks awesome.

    Susan: I got tons of new books! Now if I can just get back into the reading groove.

  5. Ooooh, I love Barenaked Ladies, especially that song. It's so peppy and fun!



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