Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Books I'm Thankful For

Well, I'm thankful for all books, but especially these:

The Box Car Children: because it sparked my imagination as a kid and made me forever fascinated with the idea of living in a box car

The Hiding Place and The Diary of Anne Frank: because they made the Holocaust real to me.

Anne of Green Gables: because I learned that books can just be fun and happy

Harry Potter: because it was so fun to be part of a world-wide book club!

Howard's End: because I will  remember it as the first book I read with an online community

Twilight: because it gets people talking about books with much emotion and passion, positively or negatively!

The Tale of Two Cities: because it was the first book I remember discussing with a class and therefore becoming extremely attached, invested and emotionally involved.

Good Night Moon: because it was my favorite book to read to my little kids

The Enchanted Cup: because it was the first book I remember just grabbing off the shelf and ending up loving. It also began my love for the Tristan and Isolde story.

The Book Thief: because it showed me that writing can be so much more than just.... writing. (NEWSFLASH!!! I'm hearing that Markus Zusak will be coming to the library in March!!! I'm still in shock over this news!!)

The Maze Runner: because it's the first New York Times bestseller where I can say "Hey, I know that author!"

Seabiscuit: because it proves to me that you never know what sort of book you'll love ( a non fiction book about horse racing? Who knew?)

The Kite Runner: because it taught me that I can love love love a book, while others can hate hate hate it!

Ender's Game: because it demonstrates the "blow you away" ending in a big way

Okay okay, I'll stop now! What books are you especially thankful for and why?


  1. I'm thankful for Harry Potter and Twilight because they got me to read. It was because of them that I discovered that I have a passion for reading. If I hadn't read them, I'd still be reading only one (if that) book a year.

  2. This is a wonderful list of books and reasons you're thankful for them. Great idea.

  3. Fabulous list! (And fabulous post idea that I just might have to borrow.)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. What a great post idea! These are wonderful books to be thankful for :)

  5. Jenni: So glad you discovered reading!

    Jenny: You already know I answered this question in an email, but yes, is this not the coolest thing ever???? So excited!!

    Avid Reader: It was fun! I think I could have gone on and on!

    Alison: Borrow away! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    Amused: Are you going to borrow too? Do, and let me know what books YOU are thankful for!



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