Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Stuff: A Bit Me(Me) and Weekly Geeks

It appears I'm killing two birds with one stone today, by answering two meme-ish questions on one post! I know, what a concept. But the questions are a bit more simple for me today so I thought I'd go for it!

For A  Bit Me(Me), brought to you by There's a Book, the question is: If you could take a class in anything (for free) what would it be and why?

I've taken quite a few little fun classes in lots of things and really enjoyed them. But most of them were just dabbling in a topic. So if I could, I'd like to revisit some of those things and get a little more in depth. For instance, I'd like to REALLY learn Photoshop. Yeah, that thing confuses me to no end. And Premiere too. Well, I know that one pretty good, but I'd like to know it much much better.  I'd also like to take more writing classes so I could get enough guts to write a book perhaps. As far as language goes, I'm really keen on learning Italian. That be so cool.  And also (I have you noticed I can never give just one answer to these questions?) a literature class would be awesome!

Weekly Geeks is wondering this week, how we find time to read amongst our other responsibilities. Here are the specific questions:

Do you read for a few minutes here and there?

Yes, I do actually. I read lots in the evening, after family activities or TV or whatever else is happening. I read lots on the weekends, especially Sunday afternoons. I read most afternoons actually when I get that "I must crash now for a moment or die" feeling. I read waiting for kids at lessons and orthodontist appointments. Reading basically fills up all the cracks of time during the day when otherwise you'd be just wasting time waiting for the next thing to start.
Do you put aside certain nights or times of the day to read?

No, I don't do this. I just read whenever it works into the day, all day long, all week long, all month long, all year long.

How do you minimize family interruptions?

Family interruptions just happen and there's no way to minimize them. You just read around them and through them and with them. Sometimes I will say to a kid, "Hey, get your book and come read with me." That works... sometimes. Sometimes, everyone else will be occupied with their various activities and then I know I have a few good moments of reading time. That's when you must be sure to use that time  and not waste it!

My bottom line answer to this question: If you want to read, you'll find time in your day no matter how busy you are. 

You are welcome to join in the fun and answer these questions on your own blog! So what are you waiting for? Come join us!


  1. If you want to read, you'll find time in your day no matter how busy you are.


  2. Learning photoshop would be good-I have been saying that for years.

  3. Photoshop...I love it when my son is using the program. I know bare basics, but would love to know more. I am finding though that you pretty much have to immerse yourself in it to learn it much the same with a foreign languages. Hope you learn Italian some day. :)

    I agree with what you said in regards to reading stuff happens, no way to minimize. Filling the cracks of time with reading is exactly how I get much of my reading done.

  4. Italian always sounds so sexy and fun. Great choice.

    I read constantly, so finding the time isn't really a problem. Even right now, I have the Kindle on one side of the PC and a copy of the Buzz Berkley bio that I am reading on the other side.

  5. Has someone really figured out a way to minimize family interruptions?! I suppose we could tell our families this period of time is my uninterrupted reading time and it might work. But I hate to put my reading ahead of my family. I have actually been known to pull out my book while I've been sitting at red lights!

  6. Photoshop seems to be a popular choice this week! I definitely wish I was better at it and that I had more time to figure out all the little shortcuts. I just know it would make a lot of things I do so much easier!

    Yes, finding time...ugh. I'm with you, if you want to then you will find the time. I do the same thing and get my kids to sit with me and read their own books from time to time. It does work...for a little bit at least. :o)



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