Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010.38: Antique Books

I decided I better do a quick Weekly Geek since I posted the question, even if it was a day late! :)

So the question is what old books do you have? Where here old means like, old, like ancient, like antique. And I do have a few, most of them come from my grandparents. So I took some pictures of a few of them for you:

These books were my grandpa's favorites when he was a kid. (He's the one that turned 90 this summer.) One day, he just up and gave them to me. The dates on them are 1927 and 1928.

These Hardy Boy books are my father-in-law's. They are from the 1940's.

The green book is my mom's history book from 1958 or so. The blue book is my grandpa's English book from 1934. What I love about the English book is all the signatures of all the kids inside whose hands this book traveled through. It's like a time capsule.

The Bobbsey Twins book I just found at a thrift store and fell in love with it. It's date is 1929. The Pinocchio book is one I inherited from my grandma. It's from the 1960's. It's a flip book where this side is Pinocchio, but the other side is King Aurthur and the Round Table...but its cover is torn off sadly.

This one also came from my grandma and is dated 1902. I have no idea why she had it. I wish I knew if there was a story behind it. The pictures inside are wonderful

 And my favorite is the husbandry book that was found in a pile of junk on my grandpa's farm. I'm not sure he ever used it, but perhaps his uncle, who he bought the farm from in 1948 or so, used it. It's date is 1899, and I find it a most fascinating, old thing! Inside is all sorts of knowledge about how to run a farm and deal with livestock, including cool fold out overlays of cows and horses like this:

Not that this will ever come in handy for me, but I'll always remember that day we were on the farm going through this junk and I latched onto this old book and my grandpa thought I was crazy!

What cool old books to you have around  your house?


  1. Those are some cool book. This is a topic I get so excited about. We have a Grapes of Wrath from 39, Gone with the Wind from 54, and I Capture the Castle from 48. Love em, love em, love em!

  2. I (or, I guess, my family) have a first edition Les Miserables (in English). Someone was selling it on ebay for $25, so I was SURE it couldn't REALLY be a 1st ed. But it was! I don't think they realized they were sitting on something so rare and valueable.

    But it's so old I'm afraid to touch it.

  3. wow, you've really got some treasures there. The oldest book I have is a book of poetry some ancestor of mine wrote in the early 1900's, printed by a very small publishing house. I've only read it once, it was so fragile I'm afraid to turn the pages again.

  4. Oh, those pictures bring me joy. The only real cool book I own like this is a first edition Anne of Windy Poplars. (Not my favorite LMM book, but hey, it's a first edition.)

    Got it at my library's used book sale for a quarter.



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