Friday, November 12, 2010

Music Stuck in My Head: New Songs

So the other day I had a wee little Amazon credit to use towards a couple of new songs. Then the stress began, what songs should we buy?

I got help from the kids and here's what we ended up with, and therefore, what's stuck in our head this particular week!

Marjaani Marjaani: Here's a song I know nothing about except that they danced to it on SYTYCD during the summer, and we loved it. So, we bought it and now, we want to dance to it all the time! What do you think? Does it make you want to dance too?

Secrets: My daughter begged for this one, and I like it too, so we got it. My guess is many of you have heard it enough now that it's probably stuck in your head too.

I Gotta Feeling: This one makes me feel upbeat too. Not my normal type of song though. So... yeah.

What new-to-you songs are stuck in YOUR head this week?


  1. Thanks! I've been wondering what the One Republic song is. I love the cello in it. I've had The Heavy's, how you like me now, stuck in my head cause it's in a ton of commercials and movie trailers lately.

  2. TG: How you like me now? Yes, I know that one from the movie preview commercials.. so it's a "real" song then? :)



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