Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010.22: Hoarding Behavior

Over at Weekly Geeks this week, we've been asked the following questions:

  • Post a photo (or two or three) of your books to-be-read
  • Share your buying or book accumulating habits - how bad of a problem do YOU have?!?!?
  • Do you keep all the books you've read, or do you give them away or sell them?
  • Can you walk past a bookstore and not go in? If you go in, do you impulsively purchase?

Here's my lovely TBR shelf. I've posted it before, but as it's ever changing, here it is again. Sometimes I try to organize it. This, if you must know, is it in all it's unorganized glory. Too bad you can't see the stacks behind the other stacks! Or the stacks on the floor, where most of the library books end up. Yes, most of this shelf is TBR... there are a few recently read books that have yet to be shelved in the more permanent location.

I do have a bad problem I think. Yes, I do. Especially lately. I never used to buy as much as I buy now, but something is different. Perhaps it's the desire to support the local authors, which as you can see by clicking here, is quite a pile. Perhaps it's the fact that I got a job a couple of years ago and I use the money for "fun" things... which if that's not books I don't know what is. Perhaps it's because I'm going through a mid-life crisis and I'm learning to understand the "seize the day" concept. 

So, yeah. I have a problem.

And yes, I do keep my books. I love having a library of sorts in my house and my kids are discovering the fun of our very own library. We have been lending out books more often than before, in fact I've created a Google spreadsheet to keep track of where they go. I feel like, at this point, most of those books have yet lots of love and reading to enjoy from people in this house, so I'm not ready to give them away yet.

Bookstores. Ummm... I can walk by without going in because usually if I see a "new to me" bookstore, I'm on vacation with the family in tow and then it's not so much fun. But I have hauled them in a lot too!  And yes I usually buy something, but not always. 

My problem is more with the library. I can't go in without coming back out with something!

Do you have a hoarding problem? Write a post and come share over at Weekly Geeks!


  1. Oh how similar my shelves look!
    I have a hoarding problem and literary ADD -- I just can't stick with one TBR stack with out changing my mind or find something else to move to the top.

  2. You're not alone! Believe me.

    There's at least one major bookstore within 10 minutes of where I work, live, and go to school. Not to mention I have favorite bookstores near my favorite vacation spots, and I can't walk by without going in. My curiosity always gets the best of me!

  3. Oh this just cracks me up! I am so happy to know I am not alone! I should do a before I started blogging and after photo shot of my bookshelves because man have they changed dramatically in capacity as a result!

  4. Love your bookshelf. Right now my TBR's are in a big plastic container and on the floor and in the Barnes and Noble bag on my table after going last night and purchasing 12 new ones. Yes I am a hoarder as well although I recently did clean out my shelves of books I didn't care that much for. Those are now in containers in my garage. I will probably donate to the library, but I have a problem parting with them!!

  5. I'm better at resisting in bookstores because new books just look so pricey to me. My weakness is the thrift shops and library sales- if the books are less than a dollar, I just can't help picking up everything that looks interesting!

  6. I dont hoard books (too cheap to buy them unless I LOVE it) but I do request (from the library) more books than I can read. All these wonderful Book Blogs give me such good suggestions and I request them all at the library.

  7. I am glad I am not the only one who has more books to read than she has time! It's an addiction.



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