Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday Rambles.... Make That Saturday

So, how's everyone's summer going? Here's a few thoughts on my summer so far:

** We survived the learner's permit experience and Driver's Ed with the 15 year old. He wants to drive every where now, and he's doing pretty good but still.... it's nerve wracking to say the least. And some of you may have seen my couple of Twitter rants. People out there on the road these days are rude and obnoxious. Yes, I know you are shocked. But guys, give a learning driver a break.... and let's stop with all the laying on the horn... please!? If he hestitates a bit, and/or waits for it to be all clear before he goes, you will live. In fact... literally, we will all live!!

** We haven't been successful on the job front though. Another thing to rant about. People forget that somehow they all had a first job! To pass up hiring my nice, dependable, 4.0 student that will be one of your best workers ever? It's insane and extremely frustrating!


And that's as far as I got with my rambles yesterday, Friday, before I was interrupted by a chorus of "Moms!!!" So now to continue this Saturday afternoon!

** So, who's going to Eclipse this week? I think I'll go on Wednesday sometime. And my guess is I'll need to buy a ticket ahead of time. I'm really looking forward to it and can't wait to see how they handled the tent scene.

** We're having our own boy drama at this house. I think I could write my own teenage love triangle romance by just observing the events of this past week. It's not as fun living it as it is reading it, let's just say that!

** I've been making a movie of our lives this past year for a movie show and tell event coming up at a family reunion in a week or so. (Some of you may even have a small part in it!) It's been fun. I'm remembering that "other" hobby I have! But wow, it gives me a headache!

** I've been sure having a blog fog this past week or two. It's been BORING around here! BUT, at the same time, I sure am getting lots of reading done! Which all means I'm getting behind in reviews.

** Did you see what the assignment is over at Weekly Geeks is for the week? Write a letter to an author! I love the idea, simple though it is. I'm composing one in my head even as we speak. Hopefully it will make it to the blog and you can see that coming up.

** Raidergirl3 and I are taking a break with the Bookword Game for the summer, BUT we need more ideas for bookish situations that need a word. Please comment with any ideas you have for us! We'll be back probably in September or so with more bookword fun.

** Anybody know of any good books that feature a cowboy as the leading male love interest? (Something like A Man From Snowy River?) I was just wondering.....

** We rented and watched When in Rome last night. What a fun, silly movie! We loved it! Funny, sappy to the core, and so much fluff. It was perfect when you need something like that.

** Well, I guess I've had a nice break, and now it's time to get back to cleaning this disgusting house! Even though tomorrow it will be messy again!!

How does life find you this summer Saturday?


  1. Wow! that's a lot of scattered thoughts. I had to say something about When In Rome. I LOVED the male lead in this movie. He played a klutz so well.

  2. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one whose house is dirty the day after I clean it. I'm super curious about the Eclipse movie myself but I don't plan on watching it until it comes out on I guess I'm not that curious :) And I'm so far behind in book reviews that it isn't even funny. Thanks for sharing your ramblings!

  3. I read and really enjoyed PIECES OF SKY by Kaki Warner. It's got a sexy cowboy as the lead male/love interest. My review of it is here:

    I haven't watched MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER in a long, long time, so I don't know if it's anything like that. That's about all I've got when it comes to cowboys :)

  4. TG aka. Jenny: I really liked him too and wondered what else he's been in. Anything?

    Samantha: Thank you for sharing YOUR ramblings! :) I'll let you know how Eclipse is.

    Susan: Oh, that book sounds perfectly like what I seem to be in the mood for. I remember now reading that review, now I just need to find it!

  5. I totally agree! Living through teenage drama is not nearly as much fun as reading about it!

  6. Yeah, he's in Transformers and the new Ramona movie coming out. He also starred in that NBC series Las Vegas. I've never been a huge fan but I loved him in When in Rome.

  7. I feel your pain! I have a 15yo, too. Third time I've been through trying to teach a kid to drive and it just doesn't get any easier. Trying to find a job at 15 is so hard--everyone wants at least a 16yo so that they can drive themselves to work. But let's be serious--it they need me for a ride, it's more likely that they'll be on time!



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