Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Book: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: A-
For: Fun
From: The library

Yet again, one of those books that I've heard so many people talk about and finally got my hands on so I could see what's up!

This book, told from the guy's point of view, grabbed me from the start. It's sort of flip flop from the "normal" plot structure of these popular teen paranormal romances. We have the guy falling for the new girl who moves into town to live with her reclusive uncle. She's bizarre, different and beautiful. He falls hard and fast!  Slowly, he learns about her family, her background and how he's surprisingly intertwined with it all.

What I especially loved about this book was how it mixed some history of the Civil War into the paranormal story. Very nice. I loved seeing things from the guy's side. I loved the writing and the descriptions. The book itself was a little long and had one or two moments of slowness there in the middle, but not enough to really affect my reading.

And like me, you may be surprised at who the beautiful creatures are!

Bottom line: I really enjoyed it.

For more about the book and it's sequel Beautiful Darkness, click here.
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  1. I enjoyed it soooooo much too!

  2. I really enjoyed Beautiful Creatures as well. I'm excited for the second in the series to come out. Thanks for the review - have a great week! :)

  3. I still haven't read this one. I got it at Christmas and it is waiting on my shelf, feeling neglected. So, you're not the last to read it :)

  4. I've had this one for awhile, and just haven't had time to get to it. I really must though, it sounds great. Thanks for the reminder with your review!

  5. Man, why is this one still staring at me on my shelf? Must read!

  6. This one is sitting on my self too. Time to get on it!

  7. I have not read this, but like you have heard so many good things about it that I guess I should check it out. Glad you enjoyed it.



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