Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: Muffins and Mayhem by Suzanne Beecher

Book: Muffins and Mayhem by Suzanne Beecher
Genre: Memoir
Rating: A
For: review request
From: review copy sent by publisher

Wow! Look at that! Two memoirs in a month! I must be on some kind of a roll!

Seriously, I don't know why I don't read more of these things because I always end up loving them. I accepted a request to review this one, knowing really nothing about it except it sounded fun. And it really was. The author, Suzanne Beecher, talks about her life as little tidbits and experiences that she compares to recipes.... recipes for life. Thrown into the mix are real recipes that relate somehow to the recipe for life she's telling at the moment.

Most of her stories are quite funny (like her lemonade stand business,) some are sad (like her strained relationship with her parents,) some are moving and poignant (like her friendship with the elderly lady,) and some are inspirational (like her fight with a rare eye disorder.) I really enjoyed them all!

But the part that hit me hardest was when she telling about a time she was in a newborn intensive care hospital, holding her grandbaby, observing all the other parents in there with stories much worse than her own, and she realized that it's not about making a name for yourself, or trying to put a mark on the world somehow with all your business knowledge and/or amazing creativity, but it's about just loving each other. I really liked that thought and it's something I need to remember more often.

Anyway, there's lots of fun recipes and I hope to try many of them out soon. But I'll have to wait a bit for that experience since I've currently loaned my copy out to my mom!

Bottom line: I really enjoyed it!

Suzanne Beecher is the creator for an online book club called She also has a special website just for this book. There you can find the recipes included in the book, and create your own family cookbook complete with their special stories.

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  1. This sounds really lovely and like something I would probably adore. The neonatal part might render me tearful, though.

  2. I've thought about writing a book like this...I've also thought about starting a soup kitchen and competing in an Iron Man Competition. Hmmmm. Probly not hapnin!

    I do love food and peoples life stories though so maybe.

  3. Most of the memoirs I have read have to do with writers, this sounds like it might be a good way to break that habit. Great review.

  4. This sounds right up my alley!

  5. I love a good personal memoir, and Suzanne really has a nice mix of stories with a message (that aren't preachy). The recipes are yummy - lots of comfort food.

    Thanks for linking to my review!



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