Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Bookword Game: Announcing New Word!

Last week we've been voting on a word to describe what we should a call a book that you checked out of the library but have to take back unread, with the hopes of getting it again to read some day of course!

We had 37 responses and the race was really close with a tie back and forth the whole week between A Library Leftover and a Boomerang Book! But I'm calling it this morning because right now, A Boomerang Book has edged by with 14 votes, while A Library Leftover still just had 13! Whew. So close!

So congratulations to Bybee with the winning word: 
A Boomerang Book!

Now, time for a new word to create. It has come to my attention that we need a word to describe this situation:

What should we call a book that is great while you are reading it, you like it fine and you are enjoying it fine, BUT after you put it down, it's really hard to pick back up and get back into again? 

Leave your suggestions in the comments and next week, Raidergirl3 will have the poll up over at An Adventure in Reading.

Thanks for playing!


  1. Wow! You used my idea. Thanks. However, I'm terrible at coming up with names. I'll leave it to the professionals.

  2. Jenny, it stuck in my head so I had to use it. Do you want official credit, because I can easily do some linkage... but I didn't know if you wanted me to or not...

    BookQuoter, I like!

  3. I called it The Woman in White for about 3 months. ba-dum-dum!

    Fickle-Me-Now book

  4. No, no. No credit. Unfortunately I find too many of these kinds of books, so they need a name.

  5. This one is hard. How about

    a capricious read



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