Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloggiesta Update Day Two

This what I accomplished on the blog today:

  • Added my newly created Reviews by Author tab
  • Added some Blogger pages (created new ones, moved sidebar stuff to pages, moved some old pages from top tabs to Blogger pages)
  • Posted BBAW registration post
  • Registered for BBAW
  • Wrote a review policy
  • Entered mini challenges for the favicon and the review policy and "your best foot forward"
  • Entered Natasha's surprise picture challenge
  • Deleted some folders on Google Reader, unsubscribed to a few more dead blogs, marked a bunch of blogs as read, read/skimmed a bunch of blogs. I'm still at 1000+!
  • Wrote three Top Ten posts and saved 'em for later.
Even with all that I still got out and about. We shopped at FYI's sale and bought way too much stuff. Then we went to the grocery store and bought food for a bbq tomorrow. And the kid with the brand new learner's permit drove us all over. He also had to observe an intersection for his driver's ed homework. And to the jerky obnoxious person who honked at him because he wavered just a bit once today.... HAVE PATIENCE! You were once a new timid driver too! Sheesh. That made me so mad. 

Today is also our city's summer celebration, so we just got back from the parade and plan on the fireworks in just a bit. Too bad it's freezing out there! What weird weather we've been having!

I hope to be back to do some more stuff tomorrow. But we have church in the morning and the birthday bbq in the afternoon, so I don't know. It could be iffy. But hopefully there'll be some evening time at least.

So everyone have fun and hang in there!

And now more music to keep you in the Spanish-y mood:


  1. We had a neighborhood block party today but with the rain it was canceled. Wish they had told us though, we showed up and nobody was there! You've done awesome Suey!

  2. You had a busy, busy day! Thanks for the Josh Groban refresher :-).



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