Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bloggiesta Update Day Three and Wrap Up

This day of Bloggiesta was pretty much a bust. Did I accomplish anything? Not really.

  • I wrote a Sunday Salon post at least!
  • I added a Utah Book Blogger section to my sidebar.
  • I added some new faves to my blog roll.
And that's about it. I actually accomplished quite a bit that I set out to do overall. The stuff I didn't manage was send some authors an email, clear out my Google Reader and get more Bookword ideas from you all. (I will  still do that soon  I hope!)

So, in the end, it wasn't bad. I have no idea how  many hours I worked on things (I'm lousy at keeping track of hours) but if I had to guess I'd say probably six Friday, six Saturday and one today. Thirteen hours! Not bad! I commented on a few other bloggers posts and made a couple of new-to-me blogging friends, but not near as many as in January. Don't know what happened there. I added a comment to three mini-challenges I think, and the surprise photo one yesterday at Maw Books. (Be sure to click here to see all the pictures!)

But mostly I just had a blast working on some things while chit chatting with other participants on Twitter. Very fun.

But now, I'm anxious to read because today I started The Queen of Attolia and already I'm dying to get back to it!

But first one last music piece for you!  I wanted to share some Ricky Martin, and my favorite of his is Cup of Life. I was searching for a video to post and then remembered I had my own video I put up on YouTube of our experience doing the zip line in the jungles of Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago, which I set to The Cup of Life. So what the heck.... here it is.

The Cup of Life while watching me and my family do the zip line (Dang, that was fun!):


  1. I think you accomplished a lot!

  2. I totally stayed off Twitter while I was doing Bloggiesta. I find that if I get caught up in Twitter, I get nothing else done at all!

  3. You always do such great work on challenges Suey! I have to say, I loved the picture and laughed at the hat, laptop combo. What a cool picture! :)

  4. Dadgum, that was a great way to use the song/video. That looked like a blast!

    Your blog always looks sharp - I love your variety and fun attitude! Now enjoy a good book!

  5. As long as you have fun while participating that's what matters!

  6. The zip line looks fun, but I don't know if I could do it! Congrats on you 13 hours!



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