Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Random Rambles

Today, I am:
** wondering if spring will ever come. Today we had blizzard-y snow falling horizontally followed by blue sky and sunshine, followed by more snow. Does this sort of spring weather sound familiar? 

** wishing chocolate chip cookies were good for you. We found this recipe and can't seem to stop making them. Do you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe?

** figuring that I finally ended up on a bunch of publisher's lists because the books some to be showing up at an alarming rate on my doorstep. I seriously wish I didn't have to ever sleep. Are lots of books showing up at your house too?

** hoping that my anxiety-ridden son is having fun at a big huge tennis match down south four hours away from home... playing against bigger and better schools! Do you worry about your kids when they go on school trips, anyone?

** planning on seeing this (see below) tonight at the library.... then Michael Buble next week, and then of course Muse the next week. And last night I was listening to a Depeche Mode remix over and over again and loving it! Nothing like fun, diverse musical loves! Do you love all sorts of music?

** thinking that American Idol still isn't all that exciting so far this season. My favorites so far are Lee... and a little bit Casey and a little bit Aaron.... but I hate how Tim Urban is getting so picked on, so I end up voting for him! Sheesh, give him a break! :) Crystal's pretty cool too, and Siabon, or however you spell it, is a little interesting I suppose. Who's your favorite, if any?

** trying to talk Mr. Stuey into the Grand Canyon for a spring break excursion. He says, "Been there, done that." Do you think the Grand Canyon is worth seeing more than once?

** feeling overwhelmed with all the books I want to read!! Seriously, it's out of control around here. My guess is you are all overwhelmed too, right?

** going to finish two books! Yep, but I have to get off the computer to do it, so bye for now! I'm off to read. Do you find yourself sometimes thinking about reading when you're on the computer and thinking about the computer when you're reading? Don't you love it when that happens! :)

Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy! Be sure to check out Weekly Geeks tomorrow! (I'm posting the question.) Also, suggestions are being taken over at An Adventure in Reading for the new Bookword so drop on by. 


  1. The "overwhelmed by books" thing? I've definitely got it too. I seriously considered reinstating my book-buying ban...but then it wore off. But I don't think I'm afraid of running out of things to read any more!

  2. I have a ton of books checked out from the library right now, and a few blog tours I am hosting within the next month, so I'm overwhelmed as well! I love reading though, so it's a good thing. When I have time!:)

  3. I love getting books but it also really stresses me out to have so many I feel like I "need" to read. Good luck with that.

    I often feel like I should be reading when I'm on the computer. Not too much the other way around.

    Crystal is my favorite and I think if they stop harping on Tim then he will get voted off soon. I think he gets a lot of sympathy votes.

    Keep rambling away. I love to read them.

  4. Yes, weird Utah weather, and I baked chocolate chip cookies today too - Lion House Chocolate Chip cookies!

    Too many books = too many reviews and I'm so behind. I'd rather read!

    Michael Bulbe - lucky you! I bought tickets for Muse for my kids and they are so excited!

    Fun post.

  5. I totally feel like I have a ton of books to read too! But I guess that's a good thing! :) Happy weekend!

  6. I went through a phase where every book I picked up I didn't like. One mystery book who I thought was the main character was killed in the 3rd chapter, one had too many point of view shifts and then I discovered Deborah Crombie and am in the process of ordering all her books. It's wonderful to find someone new.
    And the Grand Canyon - you can never see it too many times.

  7. I am overwhelmed by books! Reading a book right now that's really good but I just can't seem to stay off the computer. It's either that or I'm looking at my other books wondering if they're even better!



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