Monday, March 15, 2010

Review: I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It by Adam Selzer

Book: I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It by Adam Selzer
Genre: YA Paranormal
Rating: B+
For: Fun
From: the Utah Blogger book swap!

So, after finishing The Sparrow, I needed something light and fluffy.... and quick. This book totally fit the bill! You can't get much lighter than this!

This is the story of Alley, and how she fell in love with a zombie. She lives in a world where all the undead creatures are "out" and of course, vampires get all the attention. She rolls her eyes at that and thinks they are just so full of themselves. Zombies aren't quite as desirable or available, in fact most of them crumbled to dust once Megamart freed them from slavery. But once she meets Doug and realizes what he is, she is ready to do anything for him, even kill herself and give up all her dreams in order to join his zombie-ish-ness.

Do you get the picture? This is a complete and total satire on our apparent fascination with teen paranormal romances. It's funny, it's irreverent, it's predictable, it's clever. And, it's a lot of fun. However, it did have me cringing in lots of spots, I think just from the zombie descriptions. Creepy dudes they are. 

Regardless, it did the trick for a bit of lightness after the heaviness that was The Sparrow, and allowed me to get on with other more "serious" books waiting their turn!

Bottom line: I liked it (but no kissing zombies for me!)

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  1. Eww.

    Can we all move on now?? Please someone come up with a NEW craze!

  2. LOL
    I am really really really over the vampires and zombies, and avoid most of the books.... but I just may read this one.

    I'm with Julie, though. Can we please move on??

  3. I loved how this book poked fun at the vampire obsession!

  4. I didn't notice this when I saw your review, but I just saw this book somewhere else and realized it was written by someone I know! Only cursorily, but I've talked to Adam a couple times because we share a love for an underground post-punk bank from the mid-90s called Stiffs Inc. He actually runs the "official unofficial" website for them. I knew he wrote books but I had no idea he'd gone into this sort of genre. That's just awesome! I'm now tempted to read this just because of that!



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