Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bookword Voting Going on Now!

Oh my, I almost forgot it was my turn to do the Bookword Game today! And there's a bunch of cool bookwords to choose from today, so good luck with that! :)

The word we need to come up with today is this:

What should we call a  book with plots both in the past and the present  with characters from the present looking at and researching  the lives of the characters from the past?

Here are this week's players with their suggestions:

A BookSlip Novel: from Jenny's Books
A FlashBook from One Librarian's Book Reviews
A Now and Then Book from Arcona
A Parallel Lines Book from An Adventure in Reading
Historical Friction from Reading, Writing and Retirement
A Time Chaser Booker from A Small Accomplishment
A Two-Timing Tome from A Small Accomplishment
A History Mystery from A Small Accomplishment
(she had more, but I narrowed it down to my favorites!)

And here's the poll:

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