Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Sunday Salon: And So It Goes

Bits and pieces of bookish thought:

* I read Unwind by Neal Shusterman in nearly one sitting yesterday. Wow. It's an amazing one.
* I put The Great Hunt on hold to do it, but still, I'm halfway through that one now too!
* I've been dabbling in a few other books too, hopefully this next week I can finish a bunch.
* I had fun learning about you, my readers, this last week. Sometime this coming week I'll share some of the stuff I learned, so if you haven't had a chance yet and would like to, there's still time to go answer my questions. It's kinda fun, I promise!
* Yes, I bought New Moon. I mean, why would I not? :) The special features were quite fun.
* My daughter did her review, as I alluded to last Sunday Salon, but my husband has yet to write his. 
* Book club was fun last week. Up next is Bel Canto and I'm hoping to fit in a re-read.
* Speaking of book club, if we want to reserve book club sets from the library, it's time to start thinking of next year's schedule! Crazy, don't you think? Of course, we want your opinions to guide us.. so I'll post our list of potentials soon.
* I decided I really like blogger read alongs. 
* I wish I knew if I'm going to be home April 10th for the Readathon. 
* If I'm not going to be home, I wish I knew where I was going!
* I signed up for Once Upon a Time, did you?

Happy Sunday! Read lots!


  1. Oh, I haven't gotten New Moon yet. I really need to do so soon. Which version did you get?

  2. NOT the exclusive Walmart one... but it has 2 discs with special features on the second disc. Interesting to see how they filmed some of the effects.

  3. - YAY for The Great Hunt
    - Of COURSE you had to buy New Moon – I will as well
    - Still haven’t read Bel Canto, but it’s on my shelf
    - Another YAY for blogger read-a-longs
    - “If I'm not going to be home, I wish I knew where I was going” HilARious!



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