Monday, March 29, 2010

Listful Monday: Where Do You Do It?

Today's Listful Monday, brought to you by A Small Accomplishment, is to list places where you read, or have read.

1. On my bed
2. On my "piano room" couch
3. In the travel trailer
4. In the car, while driving long distances (as a passenger)
5. In the car, while waiting for kids
6. At the table
7. In various waiting rooms
8. In the funky chair in my book nook
9. On a plane
10. Waiting at the airport
12. On a cruise ship... various many places there
13. On many different beaches
14. During commercials
15. In the hall at a movie theater while waiting to be let in
16. In the middle of music programs
17. In the middle of Primary Program practice (during the readathon last year!)
18. During church
19. On the patio deck
20. At the pool
21. During kids' soccer games
22. In the mountains, while everyone else is fishing
23. Under the tree, on a blanket, in the backyard
24. Yes, in the bathroom
25. In a tent with a flashlight

Okay okay, I'll stop now!
Want to play? Head on over to A Small Accomplishment and leave a link to your list.


  1. I used to love reading in the car (or on the bus, going to school), but now it makes me carsick. Right now I basically read on my couch, in bed, in the bathroom, at my desk when I'm waiting for the computer to boot up, and in the lunchroom at work. My favourite place: on the deck at the cottage!

  2. Love that list - it made me smile. You know the obvious ones but then you can really get on a roll!

  3. During church? That's hardcore! You rock! I'll try this next time I'm in a church (probably next summer with my mother)

    If I read in public places around the university, students usually target me for extra English practice.

    My best reading is during long subway rides.

  4. Wonderful! I forgot about the airport, and can't remember if I listed on Campus. I don't think I've ever taken a novel to church or to the movie theater. Rock on!

  5. Caroline: It used to make me carsick too, but not as much anymore. As long as we are one a fairly straight, smooth, constant speed road, I can do it now!

    Amused: Yeah, it was fun to think about. I probably could have thought of another 25!

    Bybee: So, my kids bring books to church, and I've nabbed their books a time or two and snuck in a few pages! I knew the subway would be a good one for lots of people, but there is NO subway around here!

    Julie: We take books to the movie theater all the time, but are finding lately that it's too dark to read while waiting for it to start, plus they have all those things to watch these days.



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