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Kdrama Review: Love Revolution

 Drama: Love Revolution

Genre: high school romantic comedy

Starring:  Park Ji-hoon, Lee Ruby, Kim Young-hoon, Jung Da-eun, Im Da-young, Ko Chan-bin and Ahn Do-gyu

Rating:  ❤ ❤ ❤

I watched this for Younghoon of course. (Yeah because of his group The Boyz who I love.) And in the process fell in love with Park Jihoon. Although his character is a bit over the top even to the point of cringy. I love him anyway.

This is a simple basic high school drama romance, following a set of friends through the ups and downs of life. But like I said, it's a bit much in parts and ended up making me a little crazy in the end... and I just wanted it over. And then the actual end disappointed me so.. do I recommend it?

Basically, I only recommend it if you want to see those two boys mentioned above! Younghoon was really good, but his character is very emo and angry and wow... he uses some colorful language! Thank you Younghoon for teaching me the f word in Korean! GAH! What's up with that dude??? Sigh.

But still, he was very good with acting... and I wouldn't mind seeing him do a better role, something a little less angsty and a little more lighthearted. And where he can be all the cute we know he can be!

The summary is just that our  main guy (Park Jihoon) loves the girl, and confesses early on, but most of the drama is him trying to convince her to like him back. She is quite the cold hearted kid and despite is over the top cuteness, she denies him constantly. Her character made me crazy too. 

And her friend loves our angsty guy, but he doesn't give her second look. I thought they would come around in the end... but... sigh....

Each of the kids (there are like four guys and three girls I think?) get episodes that feature their back stories a bit. And we end up rooting for them all. It's quite fun to have a look into the culture that is  Korean high school. Pretty crazy actually.

Younghoon and Jihoon

Anyway. It had it's sweet moments, but in the end, I just wanted it to be done! AH! But yeah. Younghoon and Jihoon. All for them!

Here's a trailer that highlights Jihoon's story:

Here's one of the songs song by favorite group ONF:

And just so you know what Park Jihoon does in his real life:

And here's Younghoon, from the group The Boyz singing solo for Masked Singer:

These guys are good no matter what they do! Seriously.

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