Friday, January 2, 2009

Reading 2008: By The Numbers

Here's what I read this past year:

Total Books: 100 (okay, so I fudged just a little... I had to finish the last few pages of book 100 on New Years Day... but I don't care... I'm counting it!) For the complete list, click HERE.

Total Pages:31,536

Men authors: 33
Woman authors: 67

Books from the library: 47
Books I owned: 51
Borrowed: 2

Books read for book clubs: 13
Books read for the book fair: 5
Books read for challenges: 16
Books read for a blog tour: 3
Books read for fun: 68


Non Fiction: 6
Classics: 3
Contemporary Literary Fiction: 23
(Romance: 3
Historical Fiction: 4
SF/Fantasy: 3
Other: 13)
YA Fiction: 68
(Romance: 20
Historical Fiction: 2
SF/Fantasy: 31
Other: 15)

New-to-me authors I "discovered" and loved this year:

John Green
Maureen Johnson
J. Scott Savage
Sarah Dessen
Brandon Sanderson
Justine Larbalestier
Sara Zarr
Janette Rallison

The conclusions I make:

  • I guess you could say I really enjoy YA! Especially YA science fiction and fantasy!
  • I'm doing a little better on the NF, but a whole lot worse on the classics.
  • The woman outnumber the men this year. Interesting. Usually it's a dead even race.
  • I love the library!
  • My book club numbers went down, that's because I didn't participate in Yahoo groups at all this year. Sad.
  • Challenges are fun, but reading spontaneously is funner (I mean... more fun.)


  1. You must have a much, much better library than we do.

    I discovered John Green, this year, too. I'm addicted.

    Congrats on a great year!!!



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