Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Utah Book Bloggers Bash

Natasha from Maw Books Blog said she was going to do it, and she did! She got many of us bloggers in the Utah SLC area together to eat, talk and hang out. She said she thought it was a crazy idea, but crazy or not, it turned out to be very fun and we think it just might become a yearly (at least) event.

So, in this picture you can see us all, including the understanding and supporting spouses that came. (Whose names I think I remember, but I'm not going to chance it!)
Way in the back there is Drew from The Bookmark at the U and his wife next to him. Then we have James Dashner, (his blog called The Dashner Dude) our local author celebrity who was so nice to join us! (His next books out: The Dark Infinity in March, and The Maze Runner late in the year.) Then you'll see Cari's husband, with Cari from Book Scoops in front of him (in the brown shirt.) Next is Kim's husband, with Kim from Good Clean Reads in front of him (in the green shirt.) There on the end is Jessica from The Bluestocking Society and her husband.

In the front we have my husband, with me (Suey) sitting in front of him. Next to him is Leisa, Natasha's sister, who has many blogs but I'm linking to
Enrich Create Dream Learn Live. Then there's Natasha from Maw Books Blog in front of her and next to me. (Her husband was taking the picture.) Also behind Natasha is Jenn from The Inkblotter at The King's English bookstore.
Front and center is Stephanie from The Children's Literature Book Club.

We had a blast eating good food, comparing our blogging experiences, picking James' brain about being an author, hearing Jenn and Drew's different experiences hosting authors at their bookstores, and talking lots and lots of books!

It was so great to meet you all and I look forward to doing it again. Those of you that weren't able to make it this time... hopefully we'll see you next time! Thanks again Natasha, for your "crazy" idea and for following through with it!


  1. It looks like you guys had a blast! Did the spouses enjoy it too?

  2. Awesome post Suey! I hope we do it again, now that we have the nervous first meeting over with!

    And Stephanie's blog is at

  3. I was just on Natasha's blog as well and it looks like you guys had so much fun! It makes me wish I lived in Utah =( Hopefully we can all get together someday!

  4. What a great time you must have had! I'm so jealous. :)

  5. What a wonderful time you must have had! That's so neat that you all could get together!

  6. How FUN!!! Great picture. I'm off to check out Natasha's version of events!

  7. This sounds like so much fun! I'm glad y'all could get together.

  8. Great post Suey! It was so nice to meet you and all the other fun book bloggers. I hope we do it again.

  9. Wow...that looks like a blast. Looks like a great deal of fun. Too bad I don't live in Utah!

    Natasha is adorable!

  10. That looks like so much fun! I haven't found any other book bloggers in my area and only 1 other in my state.

  11. Great post. I'm working on my own and it's good to have yours and Natasha's posts to refer to. (All the links make my head hurt; I'm not very good with links for some reason. :))

  12. Michelle: Yes the spouses even seemed to enjoy the evening. They talked work a little... many of them were computer nerds. There were a couple of them that were very quiet though, and we wondered what they were thinking. As we left, I asked my husband, "So? Was it better than you thought?" and he said, yes. I think he really enjoyed it.

    Serena: Natasha IS extrememly cute, isn't she?

    Kim: Links make my head hurt too!

    Everyone else: I wish you lived here too! What a huge party we'd have then! :)



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