Friday, February 15, 2008

Meeting Mr. Card!

I got to meet Orson Scott Card yesterday! It was so cool! The first time I've met an author that I've loved for years and years and read tons and tons of his books! The other few author gigs I've been to have been for authors that are new to me or I've only read a couple of their books (or they only have written a couple of books.) So, this was very fun for me.

He was nice and chit-chatty and jokey, and didn't seem to mind spending a little time with everyone once it was their turn at the table. So that made us all happy. I stressed a little about what books to bring for him to sign. I ended up taking our nicest copy of Ender's Game, our newest book by him, Magic Street, and the only hardback book I have of his, Stone Tables.

He's here participating in a writers conference for science fiction and fantasy that our local university is sponsoring. It's even a free event, and I'd love to go to all the classes and workshops, even if I'm not a writer. But I just couldn't find time to make it happen. However, today I do plan on going back to hear him speak. Fun!

The other author is Gail Carson Levine, of Ella Enchanted fame. I don't know if I'm going to manage to make it to her book signing event today, which is very sad. But, oh, well. But I am going back tomorrow to hear her speak too.

There's also tons of local of authors participating, which I find very cool to learn who they are and what books they have out. Anyway, it's all very fun and maybe next year I can go to more stuff!


  1. You went to Life, Universe and Everything! Totally cool... I went and heard Card there years and years ago. He was a bit distracted, but told some good stories. I'd love to meet Levine, too.

  2. Yes, that's it Melissa! Why haven't I known about this event before? Sheesh.

  3. How awesome! I am glad you had the chance to meet him, Suey. :-)

  4. Hey, my husband went too! He's planning on going Saturday as well. He thought it was awesome! He's going to compile some thoughts and then we'll write up a post.

  5. I agree completely. Scott was absolutely as nice as advertised. I know he didn't get a lot of sleep Friday night, but he was still willing to stand around and chat with everyone.

    A class act all the way. And Gail was a hoot.

  6. I've enjoyed Card's books since Enders' Game first came out. I haven't met him so I envy you getting your books signed!! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I'd love to meel Gail Levine too, I love Ella Enchanted.



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