Thursday, April 28, 2022

Kdrama Review: Forecasting Love and Weather

Drama: Forecasting Love and Weather (on Netflix)

Genre: melodrama romance

Starring: Kang Song, Park Minyoung

Rating:  ❤ ❤ ❤

This drama is centered around a team of people who work in Seoul forecasting the weather. We learn what an intense job this is! But the premise is that the stuff going on with the weather can be applied to real life people relationships too. Which is kinda cool. 

So we have our main couple. She is the leader of this group and he is the newbie who just got reassigned here. He is quite impressive with his innate ability to predict weather and she is interested. He's so very confidant and sure that she can't help but take notice.

Then, we have the dude that she was engaged to but they broke up just as the drama started and he ended up getting married to another girl working in the company. And they instantly start having problems. Oh, and this girl was the ex-girlfriend of our above main dude. 

We have the former director of the team who is also have marital problems. He hasn't lived at home much because of his job and is just now trying to re-establish his place in the family. It's not going well.

We have the sister of our main girl who is quite flighty and air-head-y but a fun addition to the cast of characters. She ends up liking the dude (who also works at the company) that lives upstairs from her sister. 

There's a couple more stories going on, but those are the biggies. I enjoyed it for the most part, but many of these characters made me so crazy. I just wanted to scream at them so much! AH!  And our main couple, they just didn't have the something something... that umph, that chemistry, that I've come to expect in kdramas. One thing they didn't do was have the slow burn and build up of the relationship. It happened really fast... and then they backed off and most of the drama was spent most of the time trying to avoid each other. Yeah, not my favorite sort of love story!

They really are quite adorable, aren't they.

And there was a LOT of scientific weather talk. So if that's your thing... but my eyes glazed over and I had to push through those parts often. 

Still, it had it's moments and had a lot to say about relationships and normal life stuff and getting along and seeing people for who they are all that stuff. I teared up a lot toward the end, if that means anything! 

I still need to watch a Kang Song drama that I love! This character was MUCH better than the other two I've watched, but he still tends to be in dramas that I'm just okay with. Maybe Navillera is the one! It's on the list...

Here's the trailer:

And of course you need a song, and if there's any song you need it's one sung by Onew:


  1. This one actually sounds like fun. I wish I could watch K-dramas more passively. I'd watch them more frequently if I could.

  2. Only 3 stars!? Gasp! I decided to skip this one. If you got bored with the weather talk, I don't think I could handle it.

  3. I don't know if I would mind the weather talk or not. I guess if it's too detailed, I wouldn't.



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