Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Kdrama Review: Business Proposal

Drama: Business Proposal

Genre: Romantic comedy

Starring: Ahn Hyoseop, Kim Sejeong, Seol Inah, Kim Minkyu

Rating:❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Oh my goodness I loved it so much! This drama took every beloved trope and played them up perfectly! And the characters were all so FREAKING endearing, and the story just so simple and fluffy. It was literally the perfect kdrama! 

We have our rich boy CEO and his funny eccentric rich grandpa who owns the company. The grandpa is DYING for our boy to get married, so he sets him up on blind dates. The first girl he goes out with is having none of this, so she begs her friend to go in her place and act awful that there is no way he will even think twice about her. 

Well, the friend (our main girl) is so funny.. .and endearing despite her best efforts not to be, and so different from the girls he is used to... that he is VERY intrigued.

Big problem, she works as a lowly person in his company!  And they keep having run ins there! So she has to keep up the act to make sure he doesn't put two and two together and figure out how she really is.

The main couple.

Meanwhile the friend falls in love with the rich CEO boy's manly adorable secretary. So they get their own great story too.

When he does figure out that our girl is not who she says she is (he has to figure out she works at the company) he makes a business proposal... to act like his girlfriend so his grandpa will leave him alone. 

And it goes from there. And of course we know what will happen! And we will never get sick of it, will we!!

Our second leads get their own love story that's just a fun!

It's so cute and adorable and so many LOL moments.... true real LOL moments! And then the kisses start happening and it's great in the department too. All the secondary characters are great, there's no get on your nerves types at all. And yeah. It's so very romantic. 

The true definition of a romantic comedy for sure.

Did I gush too much? Oh well. It's all true.

It's on Netflix. Watch it!

Here's a fast trailer:

And some fun clips to a song sung by one of my favorite groups Victon... one of their guys is in the drama playing the silly fun brother of our girl. Ah and there's so many other great songs on this soundtrack too!



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