Sunday, March 13, 2022

Currently: Still Alive


It's been forever since I've done a weekly wrap up "currently" post. Thought I'd give it a try again. Even though life is mostly boring.

Listening: This past week I've rediscovered a couple of favorite groups that have recently received a ton of attention thanks to their two respective members being in a very buzzed about kdrama. Those groups are Dongkiz and KNK. Both very small, not well-known groups, but groups that should actually have ALL THE LOVE in the kpop world. So first off, I discovered I love this song called Fade, by KNK, which went unnoticed by me before. Here's a live stage of it:

(This group has members all over six feet tall. Can you tell?) 

And then the song from Dongkiz that I will push on everyone without restraint is called Lupin. The choreo is SO COOL!

Watching: Well, I watched the drama mentioned above starring the boys from those two groups. More on that later. I've started another drama called A Business Proposal which includes every single kdrama trope you can think of it.  IT'S SO PERFECT! We also started a new season of Survivor. Can't believe that thing is still going strong. 

Reading: I'm stuck on the second book of the Black Witch chronicles called The Iron Flower. It's good, but I'm just taking forever with it. I read the first chapter of Nine Perfect Strangers for book club next week. And I'm doing a bunch of beta reading for writer friends. 

Writing: I finished catching up on what I've written for the unnamed space opera book. (Please, someone figure out a title for me!) And now I just need to figure out how to finish up this story. I also need to add a bunch of stuff to the middle. I'm so bad at this! I have also sent out my 80's high school story to several beta readers. Anxiously waiting for that feedback, and then we'll figure out what the next step is for THAT book. 

Blogging: I'm happy that several author events have happened in the past few weeks, and more will be happening coming up. It  makes me feel like life is going back to normal more than almost anything else. I've missed it so bad.

YouTubing: I was on two live streams on my friend's channel hyping up a couple of different kpop book series. (I've blogged about them both here.) So that was fun.  I thought up a fun, fast way to introduce groups to people wanting to learn the members. I hope to make more of these types of videos. (I'll embed that one here because it would be cool if you clicked.)  I posted my favorite songs from February. And I made a snarky video about how I'm the worst kpop fan ever. 


Health Watch: I am loving exercising. But am discouraged that it seems to truly not make a difference in anything except that it lets me know how old I am because it makes my knees hurt. But whatever. I love it, so... sorry body. You have to do it. My diet is basically normal right now, with the few exceptions of life changes that stuck with me after the low carb thing. That doesn't really seem to matter either because the weight is coming back. Surprise surprise. I continuously argue in my head which is the worse thing... hating life because you can't eat fun things. Or being fat. I haven't come up with an answer yet....


* I want to find time to get going on another tshirt quilt. But my sewing machine says "are you kidding  me?" and needs a tune up and/or repair before that can happen.

* A family trip to Mexico is coming up (with my siblings and parents.) Wish me luck!

* We are one of the tens of thousands of lucky ones who ended up with a ticket to the BTS concert in April in Vegas! I will be shouting about that as the time gets closer!

* I went to a funeral for a friend who had brain damage from an accident 8 years ago. Her family finally decided to pull live support and let her go. It's been quite the reminder about how to enjoy life no matter the craziness it brings us. 


  1. I’m glad you’re still alive. I’m sorry about your friend and about having to say goodbye.

    I get how you feel about your body. It’s so hard to decide if the aches and pains and sacrifices are worth the little bit of/lack of progress we see/feel.

    Congrats on getting BTS tickets! That’s exciting! I’ll listen to the songs you posted when I get a chance. I like finding new music. I’ve been listening to my old KPop faves here and there. It’ll be fun to add something new maybe.

    I hope to get started on your book soon. School and being sick has made it hard. Once I start feeling better, I want to read a couple chapters a day so I can give you my feedback. :)

    1. Okay, I listened to both songs. I like "Lupin" the best. I'm not as big of a fan of the ballads as I am of the more poppy ones. I liked all the dance moves in "Lupin" too.

    2. I will keep posting music now and then with the hopes that you will find something fun and new that you like. :)

  2. Sorry about your friend, but I'm glad you are living life to the fullest.

    I have debated about if I should start Business Proposal because I like just watching episodes as they come out. Do you think I'll like it?

    I am enjoying your book! I have been reading it here and there. Hopefully I finish soon.

    1. Well, if you find the tropes to be fun and not annoying, then yes, you will like it! We've been joking, we need a bingo card and mark them all off as they happen! Anyway, it's making me giggle A LOT and I don't normally actually if you think some fun and fluff is what you might like, it's totally all that.

  3. I'm so sorry about your friend. I hope you enjoy your trip to Mexico!



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