Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Kdrama Review: Forest

Drama: Forest

Genre: melodrama
Starring: Park Hae Jin, Jo Bo Ah, No Gwang-Sik
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

Gah, or maybe 3 and a half hearts? I loved parts and other parts, not so much! 

This one is about a big CEO dude (aren't they all? It seems like it lately!) who wants to build a resort in the nearby forest before his competitor does. I think. Frankly, I miss a lot of the business talk... and my mind glazes over. Which is why there are lots of parts I found boring in this one. There's lots of business talk.

Anyway, so in order to accomplish some stuff to that end, he joins the special forces team... basically the search and rescue team based there in the forest. 

Meanwhile, our lady doctor gets put on probation ( sort of ) and is reassigned to the village hospital in the forest. These two (the doctor and the CEO ) have had a couple of run ins already, so when they meet up now in their new jobs in the forest, they are all like... what the HECK are YOU doing here??

And of course it turns out they are sharing the same house... one living on one side and the other in the other. So they have LOTS of opportunity to run into each other now for sure!

The CEO dude is very haughty and arrogant. And quite ruthless. But suddenly we start seeing a different side of him. And it's this that I never get tired of in these dramas. This character development. The change that seeing something different about life can do for a person who is so selfish and inward. You know. 

Anyway. As the story goes on, we learn that there are LOTS of secrets and our dude has to decide if he is going to be part of hiding the secrets, or bringing them out. Even if it means losing his business opportunity. Also, the secrets involve his sad back story, so that adds to the angst.

So yeah, while I totally enjoyed our leads and their love story, the business aspect and back story mystery of this one was... eh. 

No Gwang Sik

Also, there was a new (to me, actually I think he's pretty new to everyone. This was his first drama) and totally adorable side character dude, who thankfully was not the second male lead, but had his own love story arc. YES! I love it when that happens! 

Anyway, here's a trailer:

And the main song with the better clips:

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