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Kdrama Review: I'll Go To You When the Weather is Nice

Drama: I'll Go To You When the Weather is Nice (or When The Weather is Fine)
Genre: melodrama
Starring: Park Min Young, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Jae Wook
Rating:  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I'm kind of scared to review this one because I loved it too much and won't do it justice. Pretty sure I won't find the words to describe what this drama is like.

Some words that come to mind: quiet, calm, soothing, simple, romantic, beautiful, and very very warm-hearted.

That's not to say it didn't have some disturbing moments. Because it did. Some very rough episodes. And yet, it still maintained that overlying feel of calm and soothing-ness.

It's about a girl who returns one winter to the small town she lived in for awhile during high school to live with her aunt. She is immediately attracted to the guy who she sort of knew in high school who now runs the tiny quaint bookstore. He remembers her instantly because he has liked her from the beginning.

They "talk"... that is to say, they communicate and bond with very little talking, but with all the glances and looks and actions that speak louder than words. So much acting in this drama without dialogue! I love it! She ends up working for him in the store. She joins the eclectic book club that meets there once a week made up of people of all ages from the town. And she falls for him, because who wouldn't? He's quiet, thoughtful, bookish, generous, compassionate, beautiful and... all the good things.

Except for the fact that now and then he runs from his demons by hiding out in a cabin he has in the mountains.

Yes, he has a back story. It's sad and based mostly on loneliness. Though he ended up with a beautiful life filled with love. And is actually extremely stable and steadfast thanks to that.

And yes, she has a back story. And it's mostly about what happened with her mom, her aunt, and her dad. It's tragic and disturbing and hard to watch.

It's quite the serious and slow paced drama. A beautiful slow burn romance. And so many funny parts too thanks to the awkwardness of our main dude and also many of the side characters.  They are all so cute. His friend has a love story blossom in this drama too that I just loved. And his sister, is an absolute joy, so feisty and spunky!

The title is very symbolic as this drama is bottom line about finding warmth in a cold world. There is a line at one point toward the end that goes something like... your hand is cold, and mind is cold, but when they touch, we both become warm. And one time when our girl is so sad and hugging our guy, she says "It must be nice to be be so warm all the time." Gah!! But yes, the underlying theme...warmth.
Our characters having too much fun behind the scenes!

The music is a beautiful acoustic background... usually one line of a cello, or guitar or piano. Simple and beautiful. I want to find it so bad, but am only succeeding in find the OSTs ( singing bits.) Anyway. Such pretty quiet music to go with our pretty quiet characters!

Another favorite bit of this drama is that it ends with us being privy to his private blog posts that he writes every day. And we get to see what he's REALLY thinking, since he has a hard time expressing himself during the actual events of the drama. It's the best!

Because of the slow quiet nature of this drama, some might find it boring. But during these hard days (we actually started this drama on Earthquake Day, because we needed soothing so bad!) it was just the thing for me. I looked forward to it every week so much! I'm really going to miss it now that it's over! Sigh.  It'll definitely be one of my favorites of this year. Maybe I'll just start over and watch it all again...

Here's a tiny trailer:

And a song with the clips:

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