Friday, February 16, 2018

Announcing the Anne of Green Gables Read Along!

It's been awhile..a long long while, but we are finally doing another READ ALONG! This one is hosted by Jenni Elyse with Kami and I helping to co-host. And we plan to read ANNE OF GREEN GALBES in March!

I can't remember when I read this one last. Or how many times I've read it. I just remember loving it. It will be interesting to see if it holds up to the memories now that I'm crotchety and old.

Anyway, we'd love for you to join us! Here are the plans:


  • Chapters 1-13: March 1-11 (Discussion post on March 11 here.)
  • Chapters 14-26: March 12-22 (Discussion post on March 22 at Kami's)
  • Chapters 27-38: March 23-31 (Discussion post on March 31 at Jenni's)

We also plan to chat on Twitter using #GreenGablesRAL as we read with official chats planned for each section. We let you know as it gets closer when those will be. We also hope to have a movie night and watch the PBS series together. Details to come on that too!

Want to join us? Post about it on your blog and then come link up here!  Spread the news. Let's do this!


  1. You’re not old and crotchety but it will be interesting to see if you still love it. I still just prefer watching the movie. I want to try the new Netflix series even though I’ve heard it’s bad.

  2. I'm with Jenny. You're not old and crotchety at all. :D

  3. I just read this last year and loved it. I have been working my way through the series on audiobook. It has been so great.

  4. Fun! I've read this book a few times, but I don't think I ever read any of its sequels. I need to do that some time.

    Enjoy the read along! And don't worry, Anne can cheer up even the oldest and most crotchety readers :)

  5. I reread it by audio a couple years ago. The narrator was really good!

  6. Believe it or not I have never read this one but recently picked it up so I will be joining you!!

  7. I just officially signed up! Can't wait. :)

  8. I may have to try to jump in on this one. I remember reading this one a number of years ago as an adult and really enjoying it. I want to check it out again before recommending it to my daughter.



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