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Kdrama Review: I Am Not a Robot

Drama: I Am Not a Robot
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Starring: Yoo Seung Ho, Chae Soo Bin
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Okay, yeah, so this one is one of those that has a really stupid title. But dang, it's probably the cutest and funniest and heart warming-est one I've watched yet!

The dude that stars in this one is normally in heavy dramas, and is so so serious in his normal roles. At least that's what I'm understanding since I haven't seen him in anything until this one (I'll be fixing that soon and am ready to see the oh so dramatic acting he's known for!) So everyone was making a big deal out of him starring in a romcom.

This is a "trailer" they made making fun of him that he's now in a romantic comedy. And he's trying to do the crying thing... so funny. I giggle every time.

But seriously, he nailed it. Like, perfectly! Sigh.

So this one is about this reclusive dude who is the head of a company and everyone fears him because he walks around with a baton and is just... oh so scary. But the reason for all this is because he is allergic to people. Yeah. It's sort of this defense mechanism that his body up and did when the traumatic thing happened to him when he was young. (There's always a traumatic thing, right?)

Well, and so his company has been doing a secret project... to build a very intelligent robot, one that can learn emotions. So he gets to test out this robot and approve it and such.

But, an accident happens, and on the day before the robot is going to be sent to him, someone spilled coffee or something right in her innards.. and she is broken. So they freak out and get the girl (an ex girl friend of the main robot creator) who the robot is modeled after, to step in as the robot.

Yeah. They pay her bunch, she is desperate for money. And she thinks it will only be a few days. So everything should be okay, right? She just has to not get caught!

So she steps in as the robot.

Well, and of course, she is so charming that he falls in love with her pretty fast. And this is freaking him out... because of course he knows he must be TOTALLY insane to be loving on a robot! Like, what??? He's is so bugged, and it pretty much tears him up inside.

But what do you know, he seems to be getting better. Like, when she's around, he can be with people. He's determined that she will be his forever.

And of course, he is so charming that she falls in love with him but there is no way she can ever let him know that  SHE IS NOT A ROBOT! AH!! But.. just tell him already!!!

No, it is not that simple.
Not the kiss... just the almost kiss.

Oh my gosh. They are both so cute I can't even....

Anyway, things get very complicated from there and yeah... it's awesome.  I loved loved loved it. I pretty much just want to watch it all over again. Except for the parts with the American dude. I don't get it. How can they get such terrible actors for the English/America parts? Always this happens! Can they not find someone that can pull of a little side part of someone that speaks English? Everyone else is so good, but then the American actors come in and BAM.. ugh. Please fix this Korean drama casting people!

Here's some cute clips:


  1. That other blogger I was telling you about just reviewed this one too. She loved it too. It entices me. I need to get watching! Gah!!!

    1. Jenny: Remind me who this other blogger is again? I never managed to get her added... and I'm thinking we need to be friends!

  2. Ha! I wonder why they do pick such awesome English-speaking actors?! Maybe, they don't realize they're horrible. Or, maybe, those are the only people they can get, which would be sad. :(

  3. I actually quite liked the title for this series maybe that's because one my favorite songs is also called I'm not a Robot or maybe it's because I like titles that sound cheesy in a cutesy way like Uncontrollably Fond or Warm and Cozy or Sassy Go Go(all series I haven't watched yet but I really do like their titles). I haven't seen the main actor in anything before this series but I have had his drama Remember which he starred in along with Park Min Young, on my to watch list for a over a year now and that series is one that sounds like it's a revenge melodrama and considering how great he was in this series I'm sure that he will be great in his more dramatic dramas as well. He also starred in a drama called imaginary Cat though so I don't think all of his previous roles were super dramatic. I read a couple of days ago that Yoo Seung ho said that the set of I'm Not a Robot was the happiest set that he ever worked on which I thought was really sweet.

    I really loved how a big part of this series had to deal with Min kyu longing for human companionship but fearing it for very obvious reasons which leads to him bonding with Ji ah while thinking she's a robot and this relationship leads to Ji ah teaching him to be part of the world again and learning to trust other people again which is what makes the fact that she was lying to him about being a robot such a big deal since betrayal of trust is what led to his allergy in the first place. I also really adored how he was just such a big fan of all of her inventions which most people find useless and I especially loved that him complimenting her umbrella led to her kissing him. The main couple is one of the cutest couples out there and I really loved how prettily the show was shot as well because it was just so beautiful to look at.

    From what I heard about English speaking actors in Kdramas it seems like none of them are actually actors and that they pick just about anyone who they think looks the part that happens to be around and I think I even read somewhere that sometimes the actors aren't even fluent in English but I'm not a 100 percent sure of how true that last bit is because I read something like that about a year ago so I'm not sure how accurate that second part is. I find it a bit funny that you mention the bad English acting in this series because this on blogger on tumblr called walnutking also bad several posts about how bad the English acting was in this series as well.



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