Sunday, February 25, 2018

This Week in Kpop: February 19 ,2018

Everyone is SO EXCITED because J-Hope from BTS has finally announced the date he will release his mixtape. March 2. The world will never be the same again!!


Honey10s (fans of Up10tion) are sad because we all thought Wooshin was coming back to re-join the group. Man they made a lot of hints, but it looks like it was just wishful thinking so far. But please, let him come back soon.

NCT is doing some teasers that I think are meant to kill us. They released a song called Boss this past week too... but there is more to come from them.

Monsta X announced they'll be going on a world tour again, but no LA dates have been listed yet. Our dilemma... do we get to have second helping of Monsta X? I would love to!

Super Junior has still not announced an official date for their tours in the US. It's killing us. I'm not sure what's happening. But they have been working a ton on their TV show, which I have yet to figure out how to watch, but we are seeing a bunch of fun clips now and then.

Hyuk (from VIXX), for his graduation present to us his fans, released a dance cover. Dang, that boy is growing up!

We continued to fall in love with qpop group Ninety One and the day is not complete unless their songs have been played. We discovered all their instagrams and get fed often with their cute faces there.(I can't find that clip, but here's one of them just being them for you to see what I mean.)  After Korean, we'll all be learning Kazakh next. Wait for it.

SHINee had their concerts in Japan and sang without Jonghyun for the first time. I will never forget this image. Even if you aren't into kpop and don't know these guys at all, you have to admit this is a very moving image. Yes?

One space in the middle left for empty for Jonghyun.

But even through the sadness of this, the remaining four look like they are surviving, yes? 

On our channel we reacted to many things this week, but here's a very short compilation we did of five kpop songs that feature whistling. You might really quite enjoy it. And it's only two minutes!!

Are you watching the closing ceremonies for the Olympics tonight? We are really hoping to see EXO on there! Let me know if you see them and what you think!! :)

I guess that's it for this week! The kpop life continues to be full and happy and wonderful!


  1. Very moving image and what a tribute.

  2. Wow! That image does say something. :( And, I have help you with the Cyrillic alphabet. :)



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