Sunday, February 11, 2018

Currently Feeling: Full

(as written on Saturday night)

Listening: The OST (original soundtrack) from the drama I shared about in my last post. So many awesome and beautiful songs.

Watching: The Olympics Opening Ceremonies (last night anyway.) It was fantastic and beautiful too.  I expected some kpop groups, but I think we are hearing they are saving that for the Closing Ceremonies. Yeah.
North and South Korea athletes

Reading: Still going through my pile of MG books, but this past week I read what will probably be my favorite one of the bunch. Stay tuned for a review this week!

Making: We made piles and piles of clothes today, cleaning out the closet. We took two completly full huge garbage bags to the thrift store. It feels like a little bit of the junk load in the house is lightened. Just a little.

Planning: Book club this week and making a long list for voting on our next year's schedule. Always fun!

Thinking About: how I should get off this thing and go read for awhile.

Enjoying: this guy's voice: (yeah my currently song changed and now it's this guy) Dang he kills me.

Blogging: I failed this past week. I had nothing to give on that front.

YouTubing: I joined a new little weekly meme where we make a little video on a given prompt... five songs every Friday. This past week was five songs that will be turning 10 this year. Of course, all with a kpop spin.

Feeling: Full of dinner and especially horchata. I love that stuff.

Looking forward to: next weekend. Holiday!

Asking: What should we read for book club next year? Suggestions?


  1. I never watch the Olympics. I just can’t get into them. I know why you watched, though. ;) Sorry no one performed.

    I need to go through my clothes and my husbands and get rid of stuff. We have so much crap we never wear.

    I hope I can hurry and read the book for book club. I haven’t even started yet. But I am prepared with a list of possible books for us.

  2. I used to watch the Winter Olympics religiously, but I don't anymore. :/ I hope they do have some kpop groups for the Closing Ceremonies. That would be really cool. :D

    I only have two books for my list of books for our book club so far. I can't think of other books to read. Ugh! Oh well. I'm trying, though. Hopefully between now and Thursday inspiration will hit.

  3. The book I'm recommending to my book club is ORPHAN ISLAND by Laurel Snyder. It's a MG novel about a group of kids who live on a magical island -- they have no idea where they've come from or where they're going. The island keeps them safe until one girl decides to stir things up. It's got lovely writing and lots for a book club to talk about.



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