Friday, February 23, 2018

Book Review: Mustaches for Maddie by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown

Book: Mustaches for Maddie by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown
Genre: MG Contemporary
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

This is  cute and heartwarming story based on the true story of the authors' (they are married yes) daughter. It's about how she started having issues with her arm and leg and when they got her checked out, they discovered a brain tumor. So she has deal with that fear and ends up having a couple of operations.

But it's not just about how she was brave through that ordeal, but how she deals with a sticky little situation in her 6th grade class room. How she doesn't feel included, and how she is scared to try include others. And then when she becomes the more popular kid, how does she now not make the same mistake and go ahead and include the kid that was mean to her.

I read it for much of the book with a smile, but thinking...I don't know, that everything was too obvious and I was sort of being used and manipulated. You know that feeling, yes? But then, somewhere along the way, that feeling went away and I just enjoyed the story and the touching relationships formed here. At one point, there were tears. Probably because I could relate to something as a parent. That's usually what starts them.

I loved that they included some blurbs at the end about what really went on with Maddie, and then there was a letter from Maddie herself. Thanks for that guys! It was awesome.

I enjoyed the story. It's very simple but sweet and lovely.


  1. I really enjoyed this one, too. I wasn't sure I would since I don't like sentimental/cheesy disease/issue novels, but I thought this one was really well done. Maddie's voice seemed authentic and the story was presented in a straight forward, not melodramatic way. I shed a few tears, too :)

  2. Sounds like a cute one. I’m glad the agenda manipulation thing went away for you.

  3. This one sounds cute. I might like it. I wonder if I'd feel like I was being manipulated too? I'll have to read it and find out.



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