Monday, June 19, 2017

Kdrama Review: My Secret Romance

Drama: My Secret Romance

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Starring: Sung Hoon, Song Ji Eun
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This drama breaks the tradition of regular kdramas and has a pretty steamy sex scene in the VERY FIRST EPISODE! Our two leads get together quickly due to a set of circumstances and proceed, because of reasons.. to have a one night stand. She slips away before he wakes up and then three years pass without them knowing anything about each other.

The the day comes where the girl gets a job as a nutritionist at the big company where the dude is... you guessed it, the head honcho. (or at least the son of the head honcho and due to take over any day). He realizes pretty quick who she is but she is slower to figure it out and then he reveals his face and bam. Let the conflict begin!

So they talk a bit and she is embarrassed and tells him, you know, that it was only a one night stand. But we learn that he has thought about her ever since and in fact, non stop thought about her, and in fact he's pretty much totally and completely in love with her.

And so he begins to court and woo her. Which is the cutest thing ever because he's such a cool snobby dude and he has to humble himself a little. And when he does, he's the best.

One of the best scenes... of course.. in a swimming pool

And so it goes. Things are up and down as they always are and soon we are DYING for them to just finally admit how things are! There are so many swoony kisses. And Sung Hoon is so over the top swoony himself that.. it's just ...yeah..a lot of fun!
Some of you will recognize Sung Hoon from Oh My Venus! and Faith, and Noble My Love.

So if you want a fun romantic comedy without a whole lot of extra drama, you might enjoy this one.

Here's a trailer:

And my favorite... the song... sung by both of the leads.. with all the cute clips:


  1. I recognized him right off the bat. I want to watch this one! This one sounds good and torturous, lol.

  2. I don't know. Sung Hoon drove me crazy in Noble My Love. I don't know if I'll ever be able to watch him in anything again.

    1. Jenny: I still need to watch that one and then assess your thoughts and that will help me determine which other drama/leading guy you might like... maybe.

    2. Jenny, you finally watched a kdrama?! Yay!!!

  3. This drama sounds really sweet and cute which is good to hear since I thought that this series looked good since I saw a gif set for it on tumblr. This series is going on my to watch list, I think that it would be a good series to watch alongside of more serious dramas because this one sounds so light and fun, I'm also really looking forward to pool kissing scene since that's like my ideal date.

    I see that you started watching Pinocchio and I'm wondering how far you are and if you're liking it so far because while I overall love the series I thought that the first three episodes were a little slow(although I still thought that they were good) but I think I only really thought that because I was comparing it to I Hear Your Voice so I'm wondering if you feel the same way and I'm also wondering if the show is different from how you thought it would because for me it was very different from what I expected.

    1. Lilly: I love Pinocchio so far! Just finished episode 5. Already I've cried tears! And laughed and got all worked up. I didn't think the first episodes were slow at all. I loved him in his long hair. :) And I didn't have any expectations really so i can't say that it was different or as expected. I just knew I'd love what's his face... Lee Jong Suk? Gah, I always forget his name. I'm worried about his brother... ah. Please. Let him be okay. I think things are going to go very bad for him. And I love the grandpa. Man, they are so good with characters in these shows!



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